Restore Deleted Photos

Just recently I accidentally deleted some of my photos in my hard disk.

What happens if the photos cannot be found in the recycle bin?

Can you still retrieve those precious baby photos? Can you restore deleted Photos?


Birthday Por

Before you panic, there is good news for all you parents out there!

Pictures speak a thousand words, and I can’t imagine losing photos like these!

Please don’t fret, as anything is possible in this computer world.

Well, I went to and I found this program called Pandora Recovery

This program is highly rated by the CNET editors as well as users alike (Gets a near 5 star rating)

cnet pandora recovery

Best of all, this program is TOTALLY FREE!

It can not only retrieve photos from your hard disk, but also from your SD/CF cards as well. Therefore, even if you overwrite your photos in your SD card, you can still retrieve them!

Just how powerful is this program?

Currently, I use a company notebook. When I took over the notebook a year ago, I deleted away the previous users photos.

Guess what?

After using the program, I saw the previous user’s photos and any photos before that as well.

What’s more – you don’t need to be a computer genius to use this program. The interface is simple and easy to use.

So no need to key in any codes, or interface with any funny and weird symbols 🙂

It is no wonder that the computer geeks can retrieve anything from your notebook.

Remember the series “Prison Break”, the FBI was still able to retrieve information from Scofield’s Hard Disk, despite the fact that he had thrown it in the river!

Well, the good side is that – don’t despair!

We may make mistakes, but the photos are still retrievable.

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