Ed Unloaded in the Newspapers!

Exciting News! 🙂 ED Unloaded is in the newspapers for the very first time

We made it into Last Week’s Local Chinese Newspaper, as we were part of the team at the launch of the Maybe Baby Web Portal, managed by I love Children and Supported by MCYS.

If you are wondering why Singapore needs a Web Portal about Parenthood, You can check out my latest article on the Maybe Baby Portal.

Nicole was of course excited when she found out that she was on the Sunday Times (Zao Bao)

Nic and papers

Nope…That’s not me..I have not made it to the front pages yet…

But turning to page 5, you will see us there…

zao bao

If your Chinese is much better than mine, you may want to read the article here:

Launch of portal

If you can’t really read Mandarin, you can check out a short excerpt of the whole event on Razor TV (This is the Interactive TV by the Straits Times)


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