Listerine week 5

In this week’s Listerine Challenge, I am supposed to do one little thing that will make the people I love smile.

The kids have been “pestering me “ to bring them to a theme park, and they were delighted to hear that for this task – I was going to bring them to Universal Studios

Knowing that the Parks are pretty crowded on the weekends, Both Daddy and Mummy got an off-day on a normal weekday, and we headed for the park on a regular Monday. And we were right – there were no long queues for the rides!


universal collage

universal 2 collage

The kids also showed various levels of endurance for the rides. Nathan loved the roller-coasters and he would ask to do them again. However, Nicole had to be coaxed to even go on one.

Frankly, if you are planning to bring our kids to the park, they must be at least 4yo, before they can enjoy some of the rides, or else you will always be stuck with the Merry Go Round.


Overall the kids had a great time…and it all started when Daddy and Mummy took some time off from work to spend some time with the kids.

It all goes to show that a little change in your schedule can go a long way with your kids! 🙂

In the same way, don’t underestimate the power of adding a small little bottle of mouth wash into your life! 🙂

universal night collage

Before you go, do remember to help me with my Listerine Challenge. Hopefully I am still in the “running” for the $5000 prize, and your VOTES and COMMENTS will go a long way to make this possible. Every times you post a mini-post of this blog in your Facebook wall, it also equates to 5 votes. So do help me out! 🙂

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