Sudio Tolv Review (Giveaway closed)

As a regular commuter, having a decent pair of earphones is essential to maximize your travelling time. Getting rid of clumsy wires is also a must! We were recently entrusted with a pair of Sudio Tolv wireless earbuds and without further adieu, here is our Sudio Tolv Review.

Earbuds are the current rage in the commuting world as they are meant to fit snugly into the contours of your ears when you travel. Boasting of a simple minimalist design, the Sudio Tolv lives up fully to it’s potential.

Sudio Tolv

Sudio Tolv Design

In terms of a clean minimalist design, I reckon that the Sudio Tolv scores high in this department. I love the egg shell box, where I could put into my bag. The hardcase shell also introduced protection to the ear buds while charging them at the same time.

The Sudio box comes with 3 extra pairs of earbuds of varying sizes to fit people with smaller of bigger ears. I used the default set and initially there was some fitting issues. However, as I persisted, the earbuds fitted perfectly.

Bluetooth earbuds

The earphones are on Bluetooth version 5.0 (which means that they are able to connect and play individually). This means that as I was driving, I could survive with just one earbud. Each earbud weighs 4.5 grams, according to Sudio, and have a range of approximately 15m.

What i liked about the egg shell box is that it is able to charge the earbuds for up to 4 times when you house them in its shell. On paper, this would give the Sudio Tolv earbuds a total of 35 hours battery life on one charge.  For less “techie” users, the earbuds are easy to pair, just lift them out of the case and they automatically pair to your device.

In terms of operation, there is a button on  each earbud with the following functions:

– Press once on either side will play or pause music
– Press twice on left side will go to previous track
– Press twice on right side will go to next track.

Sudio earbuds

My Experience with the Sudio Tolv 

Initially I was afraid that the Sudio Tolv earbuds would fall off when I embarked in some vigorous kinesthetic movements, however the Scandinavian earbuds surprised me. I have taken them for quite a few runs and I did not have any ear buds dropping off. The ear buds seem to have the uncanny ability to hug to my ear and they felt comfortable even when running.

I regularly pick up calls when I commute via train and initially I was worried if the ear buds would pick up a lot of ambient sounds. However, the voice pick-up was good and my friends did not complain about the surrounding noises when I picked up their calls. The only problem was that I had to lift up my phone a few times, to indicate that I was talking on the phone, as commuters were staring at me (LOL).

Although there are some products on the market that claim to block out all sound, the Sudio Tolv does not do that. Well, at a budget price of  $169, they cannot compare to the more popular German brands.

Picking up the ear buds, I was imagining studio quality sound. Although, I am not a audiophile,  the ear buds did not hit the ball out of the park in terms of sound for me. The bass was light but vocals were crisp. The Sudio Tolv is rated sweat resistant, so it will serve it’s purpose for light runs. Unless, you are in the sweaty gorilla category, the earbuds will prove value for money. One gripe, is that the max volume tends to be a bit soft. I usually like my volume LOUD, when I go for my runs.

Special Promotion for Sudio Tolv

Overall, I found the Sudio Tolv a real comfortable accessory to add to my mobile device. Together with the retail price of $169, I find it a good addition to my commuting needs.

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