Sudio Fem Review (Giveaway Closed)

Check out the latest earbuds from Sudio and get the Swede Swede sound that you always wanted! After testing the Sudio Tolv, we were excited to listen out for what the Sudio Fem has to offer. Read on for our Swede Review on the Sudio Fem.  

sudio fem review

Earbuds have become the daily accessory for the everyday commuter. On my daily commute, earbuds are a must, as it ensures that one maximizes his/her travelling time. When you find me on the train, there are always earbuds in my ear, as I will be listening to a podcast or checking out a YouTube video.

With so many competitors on the market, here is a quick review as to why you should consider the Sudio Fem.

Sudio Fem Details

Standout feature of the new Sudio Fem is that it is endowed with:

  • 4 environmental noise cancellation microphones – This ensures voice clarity for your friends, when you pick up a call on the train. With greater sensitivity, it also means that you don’t have to raise your voice, in order to be heard. A definite Plus point when your neighbor is not too far away.
  • IPX 5 (splash/rain/sweat proof) – A definite must, as my earbuds are always with me when I go for run! These earbuds can go with you to the gym and thru the rain as well.
  • Siri and Google Assistant enabled – For tech junkies who are used to getting help from their devices, the Sudio Fem does not disappoint.
  • Play Time – Up to 20 hours, 6 hours on a single charge
  • Bluetooth Version – Version 5.0 … Earbuds are read to pair the moment you lift them up from the cradle. And they work independently … Meaning you can use the device with just one earbud in your ear.

Whether you are on Apple on Android, the Sudio Fem works on both devices. That is a definite good news for everyone!

sudio fem

Sudio Fem experience

The earbuds give a balanced performance, although I prefer a crisper and more detailed sound. Sound cancellation is about 80%, as I could not make up what my wife was saying to me as I was doing the sound test.

The Sudio Fem also has a weightier feel as compared to the Sodio Tolv and they felt more secure than the latter. Fit wise, they were comfortable for my ears and they were easy to pair with my device. I had an immediate pairing when I removed the earbuds from the cradle.

The Sudio Fem was a joy to work with and I totally enjoyed working with my new toy! Overall, I have no complaints and would recommend the Sudio Fem.

Priced at $219, Sudio offers Free delivery and 18 month International warranty, if you purchase them from the Sudio website

For ED Unloaded readers, there is also a special discount code that gives users a 15% discount: EDUNLOADED15

Visit Sudio for more details.


And Yes! We have a special Giveaway for all our Ed Unloaded Readers!

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