HTC Flyer Review

Last week I was invited by my friends at The Right Spin, to witness of the launch of the HTC Flyer!

htc flyer launch

In case you are wondering…No! It has nothing to do with the Singapore Flyer!.. But this little gizmo is HTC’s answer to the iPad!

htc flyer

This 7 inch tablet (420gm) is much smaller than the iPad, and definitely portable enough for you to slip into your handbag or gym bag.

Running on the Android Platform, this tablet boasts of a 1.5 Ghz processor, Front (1.3 Megapixel) and Rear Cameras (5 Megapixel), Supports Adobe Flash and allows Printing! (Both these functions are NOT supported by the iPad).

Being a fresh piece of technology that just came off the press, I was eager to get my hands on this little tablet, and I was impressed.

One of the features of the HTC flyer, that makes this tablet stand out, is the fact that it comes equipped with a stylus.

If  you still prefer using a pen to take notes, draw, paint or even highlight your notes, HTC has the perfect solution for you!

htc stylus

With the stylus, you can take a picture, add a Greeting/Tagline to the picture with your personal messages – and the picture is instantly captures those words!

htc stylus collage

With this feature, you can also sign off on personal documents that are sent to you or circle points that you would want colleagues to take note of.

Like the Tagline: If you can see it! You can Write on it!

One of the best features of the HTC Flyer is the way it allows you to record a lecture/ meeting as you take down notes! As you listen to the lecture, you can use it to jot down notes. As you do that, you can “stamp” these notes with an audio recording. Upon your review of the notes, you can play the recording attached to a particular point and you are no longer lost! 🙂 COOL Right!

To highlight the sensitivity of the stylus, HTC also had a artist ready to draw our Caricatures!


In less than 3 minutes, our friendly artist was able to draw a really fun picture of yours truly –email it to me, and also send it for printing wirelessly. This was really cool, as the iPad does not allow one to print!

htc collage

I think that kids will love playing with the Stylus and the Flyer!

crowd at htc






It is not surprising that everyone at the launch, was excited to get a feel of the tablet, and the tablet is now on sale at your local telco.

It is currently retailing at $1,068 and definitely worth considering!

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