Blackberry 9800 Torch

I am excited about the latest Blackberry 9800 Torch.

With a touch screen and a Qwerty keyboard, this new mobile phone seems to be a Blackberry’s answer to the iPhone 4.


I have always resisted getting a handphone that is fully touch screen operational, as I like the feel of the keyboard. Furthermore, the touch screen also removes the ability for one to SMS, without looking at the screen.

Blackberry seems to have a solution to the problem, as this phone comes with a slider keyboard. Cool!

Utilitising the latest Blackberry 6 O/S and armed with a 5mp camera, this phone boosts of an improved browsing ability! This seems to be a phone that any blackberry user would crave for!

I wonder when it’s coming to Singapore, and hopefully the prices will be out soon! 🙂

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