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Roaches and other undesirable pests in your car? What happens when you are ferrying more than your loved ones in the car? X-Pest offers pest fumigation that works for enclosed spaces like your car.  And everything is done while you are in the comfort of your office car park or at home.

All of us have experienced roaches, pest and bugs  running across our windscreens or cabin ceilings. From little critters to gigantic roaches that get kids (and some adults) into a heightened mood of panic, these experiences do happen … Yes! We have all been there.

Car owners will also surely agree that after becoming a parent, the roaches have become a more persistent sight. From left-over French fries to sweet cakes, these roaches can sense a good meal and a good hiding place.

With Christmas and the Chinese New Year approaching, we wanted to get our car totally CLEAN and CLEAR of all bugs and insects. And that is when we found out about X-Pest Fumigation services.

What does X-Pest use?

As there are so many creeks and corners in the cabin of a car, repellent spray might not be able to get into the unseen corners. The best solution would therefore have to be airborne so that it can enter the same corners that these critters have made their home.

Therefore, X-Pest fumigates the car through an NEA Approved canister, which is approved safe for small confined space. Just add water to the canister  and  a thick cloud of smoke will invade the corners of every car.


How do I engage X-Pest and how long will it take?

Appointments are just an email or a phone call away, as the X-Pest experts can visit your office in Tuas or your car park at home.

We invited X-Pest to our car park and we managed to catch these pest removal experts at work.

Before work starts, the X-Pest experts will remove all the basic contents of your car, so as to make sure that there is no left over food left in the car. Together with a trusty mobile vacuum cleaner, they will suck out the dirt from the seats and other crevices found within the cabin.

Soon after, they will prepare the fumigation canister, and once the smoking process begin, we will left the smoke set for about half an hour.

After that, the X-Pest professionals will continue to clean the car, pack up the car neatly and even shine your tyres  to complete the car’s makeover.

The whole process will take about 2 hours.

Verdict on X-Pest Pest Fumigation Works? 

I must say that when I took over the car, it felt like my whole car cabin just went for a spa. All the dust from the dashboard and panels was removed and everything in my compartments was well packed.

And this is a picture of one of the bugs or roaches hiding in my car.  FYI, the small bugs hiding in your car are not really baby roaches. They are actually a different breed, who are already full-grown.

If your children and yourself are always found eating in the car or if you frequent parking near food centres, this can be the potential results:

Hope that your skin is not crawling at the moment… ;0

The convenience of X-Pest visiting one at home or at the office means that my daily work routine can happen as normal and time does not need to stand still to accommodate the whole cleaning process.  This is a definite advantage of engaging X-Pest.

Pricing for the service starts at $79 for sedans and $84 for MPVs (Correct at time of posting.) 

For more details, you can contact the friendly staff from X-Pest at:

Email: x.pest.pte.ltd@gmail.com

HP: 92975897 / 98556737

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/xpestpteltd/


And Yes! We have a Giveaway for our Readers:

We are giving away 3 FREE Car services for all our readers:

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And the Winners are:

  1. Lily
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Congratulations! We will be contacting you shortly about the collection of your prize. To the rest of our readers, do stay tuned for our next giveaway.

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