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Singapore Kitchens are known to be notoriously small and we need space saving concepts to maximize every available corner. Introducing the Tefal Ingenio cooking collection, where pots and pans bring French revolution to your kitchen.

tefal ingenio

Hands up, if you cooked a stew or a soup and you wanted to put the whole pot into the fridge to preserve the items for your next meal.  This is definitely something that a lot of my guy friends will do, as it means added efficiency … put the pot of soup into the fridge and then take it out to re-heat … saves time and energy!

Overnight soup

However, problems arise when you realize that your fridge is carrying a full load and space is at a premium. 

The handle of the pot takes up precious space in the fridge and therefore you need to transfer the soup out into a container. Wouldn’t it be great if you can also leave the whole pot in the fridge, so that you can save yourself the extra effort of pouring the soup out of the pot and later transferring it back in again … 

We all have these thoughts and frustrations and my little helper faces the same struggles … 

  Tefal pots

Just when you are thinking that modern science should come up with a space-saving function, Tefal has introduced a new range of kitchenware, that will bring salvation to these issues! 

Introducing their Magic Detachable handle!  Check out the video, to see the specifications and the wonders of the handle. Isn’t it magical? 

And Yes! The release is actually quite simple and does not require brute strength. Our 11 year old has no problems activating the release and using it around the kitchen. And to add to it, the handle comes with a 10 year warranty, underlining the confidence the Tefal has in her products. 

Comprising of frypans, wokpans and saucepans complemented with an innovative removable handle system, the Tefal Ingenio range offers versatility and it is easy to stack, allowing space-saving of up to 50%. 

Tefal removable handle

Yes! 50% is a big deal in a cramp HDB or Condo kitchen, where every cupboard space is utilized for other utensils. 

My wife who uses the stove frequently loves the idea of the removable handle. With just a single click, the innovative Tefal Ingenio handle can be removed from the frypan. She can then transfer the frypan from the hob to the oven. Cook her meats in the stove and then transfer that same saucepan to the dining table. Totally ingenious!  

space saving pot

For a quick look at how the system works, check out the summary video below:

Tefal Ingenio range is now available at all major department stores and for a limited time, the Tefal Ingenio sets are available at introductory prices starting from $79.90 (RSP: $109). Visit Lazada for more details. 

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