Sonos One with Google Assistant

Sonos one with Google Assistant! Yes! My heart skipped a beat when I heard about the latest offerings from Sonos. Every time when I walk past a electronic store, I am always looking at what Sonos offers and I am excited to review the latest speakers from Sonos. 

Sonos one with google assistant

Built for the modern home, Sonos is the essential tool for any millennial who loves music. Linking to your home’s wifi (Not bluetooth), Sonos is able to create a network where every room sings a different tune.

I love the fact that my son can be playing his favorite tunes, while Daddy listens to his own offerings in his study … and all this with one control.

The new Sonos One is a smart speaker that offers voice controls in sync with Google Assistant, Apple Air play or Amazon’s Alexa. Yes! It definitely has something for everyone!

With such a smart assistant, it means that the speaker does not just play music, but it can turn off your lights, google information, wake you up and much more. The Sonos One picks up voice commands well, so even though this was my maiden experience actively using Google Assistant, I did not have any problems.

For a Gen X, I was worried that the set-up will be complicated. However, the setup was so simple. After downloading the app, one just follows the instructions on the menu. To me, it is basically like a plug and play device that you can trust any tech-deficient person to operate.

One of the finishing touches that I liked about the Sonos One is that the electricity plug fits smartly into the socked, flushing the wire with the module (Top Left pic).  

sonos 1 alexa

Sound on the Sonos One

For such a small device, the Sonos one is a good speaker trapped in a small body. It’s kind of like a little fire cracker, thanks to Class-D amplifiers. Holding the speaker, I was surprised by the weight of this little gadget. Together with detailed and rich audio, I was very satisfied with the Sonos one.

This speaker is not for someone who is looking for speakers with a strong bass, but if you want a well-balanced speaker that goes well with most music genres, the Sonos One will not disappoint. 

Verdict on Sonos One

Love the fact that the Sonos One is a cross platform device. Therefore, you are not limited to Apple Play or Google Assistant and for a home who has users who are Android and Apple, this is an important plus point. Would love to see how the Sonos One works as a stereo pair, to check out the experience of the Sonos speakers.

Priced at about $330 per speaker on Lazada, the Sonos one is a worthy addition to any smart home.  

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