Sister Act Musical Review

Whoopi Goldberg and her runaway disco nuns made a huge impression in their hit movie in 1992.  The Tony Nominated Musical “Sister Act” is based on the same story and is set to woo the crowds at Marina Bay from now till 28 May 2017.

sister act

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If you are looking to be entertained on a Saturday night and looking for a good show to bring your date, “Sister Act” might just be what you are looking for. However, we do need to put in some disclaimers… If you are looking for all your favourite tunes such as “I will follow Him” and many others, do take note that they are NOT featured in this musical. Instead, expect original compositions by celebrated Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid).  Once you get over this initial disappointment, you will definitely enjoy the show! 🙂

sister act musical

Synopsis of Sister Act

Deloris Van Cartier has just witnessed her boyfriend Curtis Jackson shoot someone. In spite of her assurance that she didn’t see anything, Curtis tries to kill her too. Deloris runs to the police for help. The police, in this case, is they guy who used to have a crush on Deloris, and still does, back in school, Sweaty Eddie (Yes! What a name right!)  To protect Deloris he hides her where no one will think to look, a convent attached to Our Lady of the Angels Church. Deloris is given another name, as Mother Superior names her Sister Mary Clarence. She is assigned to the grandeurs task of whipping the pathetic choir into shape.  Deloris does a miracle and with increasing appeal, the choir is featured on television. There she is spotted by Curtis and the chase is on once again.

Sister act singapore

Highlight of Sister Act

The struggles that Mother Superior goes through as she witnesses the sacrilegious escapes of Sister Mary Clarence is hilarious. Together with her songs and strong voice, the audience witnesses her challenged faith, as she realises that God’s will could be done via unconventional methods.

I personally loved the 3 stooges that were by the side of the villain, Curtis. As they musically expressed their desire to raid the church to find Deloris and other nuns … I was laughing at the comic sexual overtures and witty humour. Obviously, this is not a show for the young ones, as the songs are better positioned for an older audience.

A breath-taking asset to the whole act was the disco set and the shimmering habits that came out at the end. Imagine disco statues and clerics as Sister Act brings the disco and fun to the catholic church. The Pope even pays a surprise visit to the set at the of the whole show! 🙂

Sister Act is running until 28 May 2017 at MasterCard Theatre – Marina Bay Sands.  Tickets are priced at $65, $95, $125, $155, and $185, available via SISTIC.





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