Ortho-K for Kids

Has anyone heard of Ortho-K? How about Ortho-K for kids? My eldest daughter has been on Ortho-K since 2015 and she has been enjoying the experience! She gets to enjoy a life without glasses and her eyesight has actually improved! (Read about her first Ortho-K experience).

Naturally, most of us will think about Lasik to get rid of all myopia issues. However, our kids are too young for lasik (Under 18yo) and together with a rapidly deteriorating eyesight, parents know that just sitting around and doing nothing is not the solution to family’s eye problems. Ortho-k for kids

We first heard about Ortho-K from a relative and she told us that her children have been on it for years. It was then that we met Brian from the Aero-V Orthokeratology Clinic and we have never looked back (Pun intended).  In fact, we introduced Brian to many of our friends, and they only have good things to say about him! 🙂

Who is Brian from Aero-V?

He is the in-house Optometrist who aims to bring quality Orthokeratology and eye care to the community. He has a good rapport with our kids and they look forward to every visit (also because he very patiently answers their questions about the difference machines and contraptions in the room!)

In our interactions with him, Brian is always assuring and explains simply and clearly what he sees, what it means and what we can do. It’s always an Eye Lesson for us too! We are thankful that he is always a whatsapp away especially in the initial weeks, when we weren’t sure about many many things. Hahaha!

Our Follow-up on our Ortho-K Experience

Your Ortho-K eye specialist is like an eye doctor whom you visit regularly. That is why you must be comfortable with who you choose to work with. We like Brian as he is detailed in customizing the lenses for Nicole and he is always regular in reminding me about the next check-up. Every 6 months, I get messages from him to go for a check-up and he is always prompt with his service.

When Nathan developed myopia, we also sent Nathan to him to get his first pair of glasses. If you are asking why he is not on Ortho-K yet, it is because he is not comfortable putting the lenses into his eyes yet. However, we know that once he is comfortable, we are going to put him on Ortho-K as well! 🙂

glasses for kids

In the 2 years, did Nicole have any problems with Ortho-K?

As with any kid, they have the capacity to test their lenses to the limits. Once Nicole broke her contact lens, as she pressed it too hard. We had to teach her to slowly lift the lenses and not press it like a bubble.

Another time, Nicole put the left lens in her right eye and the right lens in her left eye for a week, and her vision became blurry after that (Although the lens are clearly marked). Don’t ask me how she can still get the lenses mixed up … but kids will be kids. However, Brian is always on call and he saw her immediately. Upon his advice, we rested her eyes and after a week, she was back on Ortho-K.

Is Ortho-K worth it? 

Yes! At her recent eye check, her eye sight improved on both eyes — 50 degrees on her left and 25 degrees on her right! Besides the improving eye-sight, she has the continual freedom of a life without glasses, which is always a joy for anyone! 🙂

We have just passed the 2.5 years mark with her initial Ortho-K lenses. It is time for her to get a new set of lenses to ensure good eye health. Replacement cost is approximately $1000.

If you are thinking about Ortho-K and if you want to find out more about these lenses, feel free to contact Brian for a No-obligation consultation.

Contact Details:


Address: Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Road, #01-15/16/17, Singapore 575629.

Phone: +65-98581308

Email: brian@aerov.com.sg

Website: http://aerov.com.sg/ 

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