Listerine – The Final Week

Today is the last post of the 6 week Listerine Challenge. If you have missed out on the earlier weeks, you can read about the highlights here, here and here.

This is also the week that I went back to the Dentist, and took the gingivitis test again.

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Previously, after checking my gums, I had a score of 73. This is not something to shout about, as people with healthy gums get a score of about 10. My gums were therefore in terrible shape!

Upon hearing my score, I decided to heed the dentist advice, and look into my oral health care.

listerine oral care

And true enough after 6 weeks, my score has improved!

The dentist on my final check up has given me a score of 24!

This just goes to show that looking into your Oral care goes a long way, and all it takes is just regular brushing, flossing and using a mouth wash for the untouched areas!

Most of all, I will like to thank everyone for Voting for me, throughout the last 6 weeks. All your Votes and Comments go a long way!

Special mention also goes to the friends, who posted the article on their Facebook wall. This extra effort gives me 5 additional votes, and your help is very much appreciated.

I don’t know how the competition will pane out, but I really appreciate everyone’s help! Your love and support goes a long way! 🙂

And many thanks once again to Listerine for inviting me for this competition. Learning about Oral Care has been great fun, and the extra oral habits will definitely give me greater confidence! A Special Shout out also goes to Niki and Jodie from Oglivy for all your help! 🙂

Before you go, Don’t forget to VOTE and COMMENT!

Your feedback and Votes is very much appreciated! 🙂

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