Kid’s Cooking Party (Cookyn Inc.)

Masterchef is one of the hottest shows in our house and that is why a Kid’s Cooking Party is such a natural fit for our 3 kids! Recently, we met the folks from Cookyn Inc. and the whole family was enthused to work together with them for a children’s birthday party. Yes! We don’t mind if the next Gordon Ramsay emerges from this household!

And so, we celebrated Nadine’s 9th Birthday and the whole clan together with her classmates assembled within the cooking studios of Cookyn Inc. for a children’s birthday party.  Together with Cookyn’s attentive instructors, the kids were ready to slice, cut and dice their way into a culinary journey of their favourite foods.

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We have been to a few cooking studios but some were either too small or over-priced for comfort. With the escalating extravagant prices of some Children’s birthday parties, we needed a party that is not too pricey and yet fun at the same time. Located at Home Team NS Balestier, Cookyn Inc. can tailor programs to suit your budget and with 2 large cooking studios, they have the space and finesse to cater to your social, corporate and family needs.

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As 20 kids within the confines of a kitchen can be quite a handful, instructors need to have the charisma and energy to contain the young crowd. Our party host Patrick, was more than apt in holding the crowd and keeping the kids occupied throughout the party! 🙂

And of course … one of the strong points about the Birthday party is that the kids were told that they were going to embark on cooking something really healthy!

A piece of Nice healthy Salmon was on the menu!

But before we get to the main star of the show … the kids were taught how to maximise themselves in the kitchen by learning how to cut their vegetables!

Caution: Real knives are used in this segment of the party! 

Under the careful direction of the instructors, the kids were taught how to cut their vegetables with small vegetable knives. As most of the kids were 9 years and above, we were confident the kids would be careful under the watchful eyes of the adults around.

kids birthday party

You can see for our guests who were 7-8 year olds, the parents chipped in to help. Check out the smile on every kid, as they relished their experience of cooking their own meal! 🙂

Masterchef party

It definitely helps when the instructors are all fun loving and very engaging. They keep all instructions clear and at the same time made the entire process very fun.

(Don’t worry, about the lack of supervision, as most parents are always nearby to help!  hahaha…)

So what’s this dish? It’s Baked Salmon with colourful peppers and Chorizo (pork sausages). Each instructor would show the group how it is done, and how to very skillfully wrap the fish! (All of us mummies were taking notes too!)

Check out all the vegetables all nicely piled up like a mountain!

If you are wondering, the preparation of each dish was done via assembly line, with an emphasis on group effort. Within each group, one is in charge of the tomatoes, another of the yellow peppers, another, the green peppers, and another the Chorizo. Then all will be put out within the group as a buffet of ingredients. The only individual work here is when you season your own dish and pick and choose what and how much of the ingredients you want to put in.

Naturally, every salmon that was made by a girl had a generous serving of greens. My son had his Salmon minus all veg … we all tried persuading him to pile up the greens, but as you might have guessed … boys are naturally very resistant to their greens! 🙂

Cookyn inc

With each salmon wrapped up in a nice package, they were thrown into the oven to bake. While the main dish is in the oven, the kids learnt how to make dessert – a Yoghurt dessert ala Fruit Parfait! As usual, there was no lack of enthusiasm and volunteers to participate in every new task allocated.

Cookyn inc

Check out the final creations! All beautifully decorated with colourful fruits!

And to complete every cooking party, all the chefs got to savour their own creations! The Baked salmon all turned out beautifully and poor Daddy did not even get to taste a single fish as the kids devoured their salmon, the moment that they were taken out of the oven.

And like what they say, no birthday party is complete unless it comes with a cake! We ordered a simple red velvet cake from our friend and the extra toppings come from her Lego toys at home! (Some of her friends, thought that the cake came with the toys! LOL)  

Together with the exceedingly LOUD birthday song and group photos, you can see that we had a great time! 😉 

To end the birthday party with a bang, Cooklyn offered the cakes chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, which went extrememly well with the audeince of the day. 

Did the Kids really pick up cooking after the party?

I think that the success of this birthday party is not just seen by the smiles but by the impartation of culinary skills since that fateful day.

I am glad to announce that since that day, many of our friend’s kids have tried making their own baked salmon again. They have pestered their parents for the ingredients and have continued to work on their cooking skills. (and given specific instructions that it has to be cheery tomatoes, not normal ones!) A definite thumbs up for this party, as new skills have been picked up! 🙂

Cookyn Inc. Contact Details

31 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329979

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
9.30am to 6.30pm

Visit Cookyn Inc. for more details.

Many Thanks to Cookyn Inc. for sponsoring us for this Birthday Party.

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