Hotel Jen Tanglin Buffet

Singaporeans love buffets and it is therefore not surprising that almost every Hotel in Singapore has a smorgasbord of food to offer its guests. Hotel Jen Tanglin is no exception and with its special Themed Buffet Nights, one can expect different delights at the Hotel Jen Tanglin Buffet. 

Hotel Jen Tanglin Buffet

Located at the beginning of the shopping district and near the American Embassy,  Hotel Jen Tanglin is ideally priced for the discerning business traveller. As part of the Shangri-la brand but targeted at the mid-range traveller, one can expect Shangri-la hospitality in a no-frills environment. Buffet Prices range from $55++ per person (Sun and Tues nights) and $65++ on other nights. Diners can choose from themes such as an International Buffet night, Lobster Rock and Roll, Live Barbeque to Seafood Mania. Certainly a colourful array of tastes to satisfy differing customers!

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We dropped by Hotel Jen Tanglin on a Sunday night and we were able to sample International Night for ourselves.

Verdict on Hotel Jen Tanglin Buffet

Priced at $55++ for dinner on a Monday night, we were obviously looking at the Mid-tier range for Buffets. Food wise, the buffet spread has a better selection than those which you find at most hotels and yet a tier lower than the premium buffets you find at The Line in Shangri-la Hotel. (Priced at $76++ for weeknights)  

Check out the selection of meats available to us! 🙂 From roast beef, pork knuckle to ribs, this is already quite a sizeable selection compared to most buffets.

We managed to hit the buffet earlier and therefore we were able to catch the Norwegian Salmon in its full splendour. The fish was definitely good and we went back for 2nd and 3rd helpings (Must make your money’s worth and eat the right food…that is what mum would say)

Besides the Chinese roast meats, salmon sashimi and the normal prawns and crabs, this buffet serves Lobster! Certainly, a plus point for the Hotel Jen Buffet, as it is always these additional pricey dishes that separate the men from the boys.

There was a make-your-own Pie Tee, which the wife loved. The shells were nice and crispy while the filling was cooked to sweet perfection. She popped many in that night!

Cakes and desserts were average and definitely not the strong point of the buffet. But for this price range, I believe that this buffet does flex her strengths in her seafood and meats.

If you are thinking of bringing your friends and family for this buffet,  the sizeable dining area makes it a great place for family parties as there is ample aisle space and the restaurant is not too congested.

Good News for all readers is that there is a 30% discount for online reservations! After this discount, it makes the buffet even more value for money!

Special Promotion: Enjoy a 30% discount on the total bill for reservations made via This offer is valid till 25 May 2017. It is not applicable on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Hotel Jan Tanglin Contact Details:

PHONE: +65 6738 2222

ADDRESS: 1A Cuscaden Road, 249716, Singapore

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