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Today, many Daddies and Mummies wear a Fitbit to work and it was just a matter of time, before our kids will be wearing one too. Well, guess what … the bug has caught on … and we are now officially a Fitbit family!  The Fitbit Ace is now a certified part of our household!

Ever since we started wearing a Fitbit, our kids have been curious about our fitness trackers. Whenever we are talking to friends, their little friends will stretch forward to swipe the screens of our watches.  Getting their our fitness tracker was a dream come true for them, as finally they can feel like an adult. Check out the smiles on the young ones, when they received their Fitbit Ace.

Fitbit Ace

The transition of having everyone wear a watch cum fitness tracker has been easy for our family. As we are active participants of the nation-wide steps challenge and other health programs, a tracker is pretty much of Daddy and Mummy’s lifestyle. Together, with the financial perks of each challenge, we are always making sure that we hit our daily targets. Besides the financial incentives, keeping fit at our age is a top priority. After all, it is important for us to age gracefully and have the full mobility of a healthy life.

If you are thinking about getting your kids  a Fitbit Ace and nudging them towards a healthy lifestyle, check out our quick review to evaluate if the FItbit for kids is a good addition to your family.  

Did the Kids get used to their Fitbit Ace?

One of my kids find it difficult to wear a watch. She takes it off and forgets to put it on when she goes to the shower or when she goes to sleep. Sounds familiar … Well, the Fitbit Ace is child proof. This means that our children will love the fact that the Fitbit is showerproof and they can wear it when they go for a bath. Therefore, even if they live an active lifestyle, it is sweat proof and able to take the rugged and energetic challenges of monitoring a child’s activity.

Together with a sleep monitor, kids do not need to take off their watches at night. They can wear their watches to sleep and my son loves the feature. Every morning, he logs into the Fitbit account to check out his sleep patterns.

fitbit sleep monitor

The basic ability to choose your favorite color has also made the transition to a tracker much easier. The girls have watches with a purple band while my boy has a blue band. I am sure that in time to come, there will be more colors, as seen in the variety offered by other Fitbit models.

Are the kids actually more active with a FItbit?

Every kid loves a challenge, especially when it is interactive. It is therefore not surprising that video games sell. The Fitbit offers step challenges where users can challenge each other every day. This is the 3rd week that my son has been wearing his watch and he is still asking me … How many steps do you have today? The Fitbit seems to have had him addicted! 🙂

My 11 year old son does not yet own a mobile, but this does not stop him from interacting with the Fitbit dashboard/ The Fitbit app allows one to set up a family account, where users can switch views. Nathan’s current ritual is to walk over to my phone every morning, to check his progress against his dashboard. Together with reminders to move throughout the day, I think that the Fitbit Ace has certainly encouraged him in the right direction.

Fitbit family

How is the battery life for the FItbit Ace?

Don’t we all hate it, when a electronic device run out of battery and we need to sit it in the cradle for an hour, to bring the module back to full power. Battery life on the Fitbit Ace is actually pretty decent, as it can go on for 4-5 days with one charge. This is certainly a useful feature, as kids just don’t have the discipline to charge their device everyday. The Fitbit Ace certainly gets a thumbs up in this department.

Fitbit ace

What is the Pricing for the Fitbit Ace?

Together with interactive screen, the Fitbit Ace is priced higher than the Fitbit Flex which does not offer the screen. Retailing at about $130, it will prove to be a good Christmas gift for kids, as this gift is something which they can use everyday. Unlike toys which have an extremely short life-span, the FItbit Ace may prove to be the smart buy for birthdays and the holiday season.

To find out more about Fitbit, do visit Fitbit Ace

And if you are looking for a Fitbit for adults, we just got hold of the Fitbit Versa. This Fitbit is built for swimmers, so check out our upcoming review on this highest high end model.

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