Crab delivery by 8 Crabs

Hands up if you love Crabs? One can now get a crab delivery by 8 Crabs within an hour! Yes! All the chilli smacking goodness of fresh seafood delivered right to your doorstep with a click.


Naturally, most of us are a bit skeptical when one thinks about having a delicacy like Chili or Black Pepper Crabs delivered to your door-step. After all, Crabs are a dish that one eats at a restaurant with family and friends. However, the big drawback about eating at a restaurant, is that we all get really messy when one digs into your favorite crustacean. 

With the fast changing delivery landscape due to the Covid-19 situation, there is no greater surprise than experiencing crab delivery by 8 crabs. Therefore, there was definite excitement in the air, when we submitted our order online 🙂

The best thing about 8 Crabs, is that you can get your crabs delivered in an hour and they are sourced from Sri Lanka. Yes! the crabs are not mild-nourished shell fish, but they are authentic critters which are air-flown daily, making them meatier, juicer and tastier. And for foodies, that love their chili crabs with a good sauce to accompany their mantous, one will not be disappointed with their 8 Crabs delivery. The sauce was spicy and a good companion for our mantous. A definite killer to any diet.

If you are worried about pricing, I think that you will find the prices reasonable. For one crab for the family, we are looking at about $80. 

crab delivery

And for children who are not into chili and crabs, one will be glad to know that 8 crabs has many good zi-char dishes to accompany the dinner.  We enjoyed their har cheong gai and they have a respectfully tasty fried rice. Together with extra dishes like sweet sour pork, there were no complaints from our little younglings. 8 Crabs is a definite good one-stop station for family dinners with free delivery for spending above $120.

Coupled with prompt customer support, 8 crabs are a definite good option in this covid-19 environment.  Best of all, pricing is decent and one does not need to pay over the moon prices for your favorite Crab fix. 

Head on over to 8 Crabs to sample the crabs for yourself. 



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