Looking through eyes of Faith!

running the race

Whenever we look at life, we are always filled with insecurities, but kids seem to see the best things about us! Just watch the video below, and you will know what I mean…It makes a slow start, but keep on watching till you see the kids in action!

Kids see the best in us! 🙂

Wasn’t it like a totally awesome video! It made me a bit teary as I watched it! Smile

Made me remember that I need to see things from a different perspective. That’s why they say that the 3 most important virtues in life is Faith, Hope and Love.

And I believe that kids always look at things from these 3 arenas. They look at us, in love and through eyes of Faith! Even when Parents realize that they are imperfect, the kids look at us with great hope! They see the BEST in us, and nothing that Daddy and Mummy do, seems to tarnish that reputation. It’s kind of like how our God likes at us.

He sees the BEST in us, and  no matter how bad of a mess we make, there is always a 2nd chance. And that’s why, we must come to that confidence..to declare that “We are truly a people of Great Value!”

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