Parenting with technology

Recently, after recording my Channel News Asia Video on kids and technology, I started researching and reading even more on this subject.

Found this interesting video on Youtube, and thought that it would serve a timely reminder, that we have so much more to learn, as we try to Parent the next generation.

Here is what struck me after watching the video:

We are Parenting a different generation, and with kids loving technology, parents have much to learn. Parents need to be aware that they must be armed with the knowledge on how to handle the new challenges, that are brought about by technological advancement.

Teenagers today may look at the Internet as a great place to find friends and support, but the challenge is, are they making the right friends?

I think that Parental involvement must be prevalent in any generation, and more so in this generation! Today, when kids go to a corner with a mobile device, they can be teleported to a whole new world. As Parents, we will therefore, need to educate them on the joys and perils of the internet.

I think the end of the video sums it up well…Keep talking to your children!

There is no replacement for good old fashioned communication!

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