Celebrating Grandpa’s Birthday!

Last week was Grandpa’s birthday, and the kids went to the family’s favourite Cantonese restaurant at Tanjong Pagar.


It was Grandpa’s 72th birthday, and we are so glad to celebrate his birthday together with him!

It was also extra significant, as this is Dad’s first birthday as a Christian! He was so excited when his Cell group celebrated his bdae for him a few days earlier. He even asked me to make sure that I get him to cg early…(He doesn’t make many requests, so to get one, is already not the norm)


As usual, the kids loved the celebrations even more, especially when there were cakes and candles included.


Nathan and Nicole fought over the blowing of candles and the cake cutting! (Look at Nathan stretching his hands over his sister, so as to cut the cake!)


The kids loved the celebration and even Nadine enjoyed her moments with grandma!


We had great fun and we are looking forward to Grandpa’s next birthday!

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