Sleepover at the Aquarium

One of the highlights of the school holidays is having a sleepover at the Aquarium. The S.E.A Aquarium is not just one of the largest oceanariums in the world, but it offers 100,000 marine animals and over 800 species. With such a large offering of Marine Life, sleeping over at the Aquarium, is a once in a lifetime experience, that will enrich any child’s holiday 🙂

For the uninitiated, the S.E.A Aquarium runs a sleepover program for families every school holiday. For 1 night, families get to bring their sleeping bag to the Sentosa Aquarium, and camp overnight with the fishes. Even though you don’t get the stars, the experience is still surreal, as the calmness of the ocean, seems to be able to put anyone to sleep. However, for this overnight experience, things were going to be different! At the invite of Epigram books, we were called to witness the launch of David Seow’s new book: Return to the S.E.A Aquarium.

Sleeping Overnight at the Aquarium:

First off, the sleepover at the S.E.A Aquarium is never complete unless you have a tour of the Aquarium. Entitled “Öcean Dreams”, every sleepover means that you and your family will be grouped together with a guide, who will enrich every participant about the Marine life found in the S.E.A Aquarium.

jellyfish aquarium

In terms of knowledge transfer, I must say that the tour is really enriching. The guides have a good understanding about Marine Life and are able to handle the numerous questions that every child “peppered” the guides with.  As always, we spent a lot of time hearing about the Jellyfishes, as their ability to catch the light, is always fascinating for every participant.  Most of us that night took out a camera to catch these free-swimming marine animals roaming freely in their tanks.

jellyfish singapore-1

Besides the enriching education about the Marine Life, a highlight of the sleepover, is the lack of crowds! Anyone who has been to the S.E.A aquarium in the day,  would have realized that the Aquarium is always filled with busloads of people. Tour groups will throng the aisles, as every tourist aims to get their best selfie with the fishes. However, the sleepover after closing hours, offers guests, an unblocked view of all the Marine life. For once, every family member will get to enjoy the fishes, without any disturbances. Check out the empty aisles and fish tanks!

aquarium sentosa

sea aquarium

sharks sentosa

After the tour of the Aquarium, it was time for the main event of the night. Acclaimed Children’s writer David Seow, together with his illustrator, Soefara Jafney, was there to read the book “Return to the Aquarium” to the kids. Yes! The story is set in the S.E.A Aquarium, and what better place to enjoy the story, then within the same tanks of the aquarium. In this installment of the series,  Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di participated in the same Ocean Dreams experience, and the story revolves around their interaction with the Marine life. Under the soothing tones of David Seow, the story was brought to life, and every kid enjoyed their night with the fishes! 🙂

storytelling at SEA Aquarium

After the story, the kids had a mini quiz, where they were able to win some illustrations drawn by Soefara Jafney. Definitely a pleasant surprise and something which the kids enjoyed getting their hands on! 🙂 sea aquarium sleepover

As bedtime beckoned, participants were given a night snack, sleeping bags and blankets, as one got ready for bed. Participants will be glad to know that there are also shower facilities, if the kids need a bath before they get into bed. My kids just changed into their pyjamas, brushed their teeth, and zipped up into their sleeping bags. Before long, the lights were turned off, and we slept facing the Marine Life that greeted us! Truly a  surreal experience! 🙂

Our Ocean Dreams sleepover at the Aquarium was complete the next morning,  when we were greeted by the resident divers, who held a banner to wake us up. Needless to say, we could not resist taking a group photo to celebrate the new day!

ocean dreamers

To end the Ocean Dreams program, participants are also given a back end tour of the aquarium, where one gets to feed the fishes. The kids enjoyed feeding the fishes, and this was followed by our own breakfast, before we broke camp!

Many thanks to Epigram books for inviting us for the Sleepover, and for giving the kids a memorable experience. If you are interested in the night at the S.E.A Aquarium sans the book  reading, prices start at $158 per adult, and $138 per child. For information about family packages and detailed breakdown, do click on Sleepover at the Aquarium 

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