Join Woody & Buzz at the Children’s Festival by Garden By the Bay

There is a Toy Story 4 party happening at Gardens By The Bay! Join Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their friends in the Children’s Festival by Gardens By the Bay from 15-20 June.

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I spent my childhood watching Toy Story on repeat with my little cousin. We still had tapes then and her little fingers will automatically reach for the rewind button once the ending “You’ve got a friend in me” comes on.

Woody and Buzz, they are like my childhood friends. Imagine my excitement when I walked into the world of Toy Story 4 at the Supertree Grove. The area around the Supertree was transformed into a carnival – you can now have a carnival adventure just like Woody and Buzz did in the latest installment of the Pixar animation.

The first thing that will catch your eye is probably the large Toy Story 4 Marble Run Track. The giant marble will run around the track twice every hour and it weaves round two of the Supertrees on the 150m long track. Dance along to the familiar Toy Story tunes while you watch the marble run!

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There’s a special surprise at the end of the marble run!

The Star Adventurer was my 6yo’s top pick because it involved a car and a large space he can zoom around in. It’s set in a large pinball board where Buzz Lightyear was trapped. The kids are supposed to hit the target buttons to help recharge batteries in Buzz’s space suit. Once powered up, Buzz will be able to escape to infinity and beyond!

Then there are the usual carnival games like Jessie’s Ring Capture, Woody’s Coaster Rescue and Bullseye Rescue.

The last station, hidden behind the Supertrees, is the Bo Peep’s Adventure that is not for the faint-hearted. While it looks like cotton candy on the outside, with the rainbows and pastel blues, it’s actually an obstacle course, designed to test the agility of the kids. My kids had a blast trying to overcome all the obstacles. And of course, the 6yo did the entire course twice while my 4yo tried to overcome each of them.

If you’re a huge fan of Toy Story, like me, you’ll be delighted to find that there are lots of photo spots for you to take pictures with your favorite Sheriff and Space Ranger.

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My favorite part of the Festival is the special edition of Garden Rhapsody, a light show completed with Toy Story tunes. Imagine sitting under the stars (hanging on the Supertrees), reminiscing those carefree days of watching cartoon all day. At one point, a song that I couldn’t recognize came on and the image of Buzz jumping off the stair railings came into my mind. My brain didn’t register the song but my heart obviously did. And I sat there remembering the first time Buzz realized he’s a toy and not a real space ranger–he was so devastated. He has come a long way since then.

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There is also a donation drive going on at the festival! Visitors can support this cause by bringing soft toys, play sets, board games, or even sports equipment to the collection point on site. All the toys collected will be gifted to children under the care of the Salvation Army, TOUCH Community Services and Food from the Heart.

I must say that this has been my favorite day at the Garden yet. I must have enjoyed myself more than the kids for once. So if you’re a big fan like me, don’t miss the Children’s Festival (even if you’re not a child anymore!)

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