Singapore Parenting Congress (Giveaway)

Mediacorp is glad to announce that the Singapore Parenting Congress is back! Held at the NTUC Centre, participants will be able to learn from top parenting expert and best selling author Dr. Michele Borba.  Singapore Parenting congress

Last year, ED was invited to be on the Panel of Singapore Parenting Congress   together with Minister Tan Chuan-Jin and other prominent Parenting gurus and Media Celebrities. We had a great experience learning and contributing to the Parenting committee and this year promises more!

We all want to build successful resilient children,  and Dr Michele Borba promises to bring some new perspectives to the table. I have watched the video of her in action and I would definitely love to hear her for myself.  The video talks about issues like “talking back” and raising a respectful child. I think these are common Parenting struggles, and all parents want to learn to cope with these issues better!  Yes…We all definitely have these headaches and struggles! 🙂

Priced at an Affordable $18 per person, this 2 day seminar is definitely worth looking into.

Here is a brief Synopsis about the Dr. Michele Borba

Hear from renowned overseas parenting expert and best-selling author, Dr Michele Borba at Singapore Parenting Congress 2017 to learn how to raise successful, self-reliant and less-stressed children in this digital world! Also, find out how you can tune into the heart and mind of your child by getting to know them better through interactive parent-child coding and video making workshops!

Line-up for Singapore Parenting Congress

Key Highlights

– Find out how to raise successful, self-reliant and less-stressed child in a digital world.
– Learn strategies to build strength and resilience in tweens and teens.
– Get to know your child better through interactive parent-child coding and video making workshops.

November 2017, Saturday

Conference: 10am to 1pm
What does it take to raise a successful and happy child? By Dr. Michele Borba

Conference: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Nurturing a resilient and independent kid in a digital world. By Dr. Michele Borba

Workshop: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Coding a mobile application from scratch

19 November 2017, Sunday

Conference: 10am to 1pm
Offering your child the emotional support he needs. By Dr. Michele Borba

Workshop: 3pm to 5pm
Becoming a “vlogger”

To find out more, click on Singapore Parenting Congress


And Yes! We have a giveaway for our Ed Unloaded Readers.

We are choosing 2 readers from Ed,  to walk away with a pair of tickets each!  

All one needs to do is to:

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The Giveaway ends 14 Nov 2017 at 235900 hrs.

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And the Winners are:

  1.  Jeremy
  2.  Lynn

Congratulations! Our sponsors will be contacting you shortly about the collection of your tickets. To the rest of our Ed Unloaded readers, do stay tuned for our next giveaway.

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