Untamed Earth at the Science Centre

Looking for places to bring your kids during the March Holidays?

Well, besides the light display at Marina Bay, you can check out the Science Centre during the day.

They have a new permanent exhibition called “Untamed Earth” which aims to show how natural disasters are created and their affects on our daily lives.

Untamed Earth

From the onset, you can walk into the centre of the earth as you uncover the secrets within the depths of the earth.

The journey does not stop there, as you get to experience a wind simulator, which makes you feel that u are in the middle of a cyclone.

wind simulator

cyclone simulator

With headphones supplied by the Science Centre, you get to walk into a chamber and feel the simulated wind in the eye of a tornado. The kids were a bit apprehensive as they heard the noise, and in the end, Daddy had to go into the chamber to be the model! Smile


earth land mass

seperated land mass

Picture the earth thousands of years ago, as one gigantic land mass. And with natural phenomenons like earthquakes,the land masses become separated. Nathan saw it as a fun jigsaw puzzle, as he tried putting the pieces together.

Another interesting exhibit is the simulator which aims to show what happens in the home of a resident as he faces an earthquake.  Check out the dining room light swaying to-and-fro in the picture below.

earthquake simulator

Overall, it was a interesting exhibit, and for the wind and the earthquake simulator were the highlights.

I definitely left the science centre equipped less ignorant about mother earth. Smile

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