Singapore Air Show

Recently, we were invited by the organizers to the Singapore Air Show. I can vaguely remember going to  a “Open house by the Singapore Air Force” when I was much younger, but otherwise, it has been ages since I last went to an Air Show.

singapore air show

When I told the N2 and N3 about going to the Air Show,they were naturally excited. However, Daddy was a bit apprehensive…Could they handle the Jet Engines,when the aeroplanes had their after burners on?!?

Well…this was them when the show started…

loud noise

And they remained pretty much in the same position for a good half an hour Winking smile

Air Show collage

father son

And if you are thinking about bringing the kids to the Air Show, you can be rest assured that you will not be alone. There were tons of other parents there with their kids too.

Did the kids enjoy the show?

Well, let’s just say that it was a hot day, and after a while, Coke was more entertaining for them Smile

But it was certainly an eye opener for the kids, as they got to see the aeroplanes and missiles really close up. Will upload some of those pictures soon! Smile

kids at air show

Btw, if you are thinking about going to the Air Show, do use public transport, as the crowds there are really out of this world! Smile

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