Disneyland in Hong Kong (2)

Sorry guys but I have been very busy, and I have not had the time to update the blog very often.

My wife has also been “bugging” me to finish the posts about Hong Kong, and so here is my part 2 on Disneyland

A Part of the park that the kids enjoyed was Fantasyland. This is the place where you will find the famous “Castle” backdrop.


The rides in “Fantasyland” are really targeted at “Pre-schoolers”, and so the kids really enjoyed themselves here. They had fun at the “Winnie the Pooh” ride, “Dumbo” and of course the turning “Tea Cups”




4 year old Nicole enjoyed this part of the park the best, as she got to take pictures with her heroes!


Nic was so tickled that she got to rub noses with Minnie Mouse…she still talks about it today!




Nicole loved her photo with Cinderella the most!

Mummy told Cinderella that Nicole has something to tell her.

Cinderella kneeled down, and said “Hello Sweetie!”…

Nicole went, “I love you!” …

I think Cinderella was shocked by her sudden boldness, but she told Nicole, “I love you too!”

My little girl still tells me that Cinderella calls her “Sweetie!” 🙂


Do bear in mind, that photos with Mickey and the “Princesses” will involve long queues. Sometimes, u need to wait for 15-30mins, just to get a Kodak moment with these famous characters.









Meanwhile, the adults really enjoyed this 3D show in Fantasyland called “Philhar Magic”




We had to wear the Big “Ultra Cool” 3D glasses for this show, but it was well worth it. Besides having the normal 3D effects, where the character “jumps” out at you, the show tries to integrate all your senses in the show.

When the show is about “Food” – they blow the smell of food into the hall…

When the show involves “Water” – water is squirted at you, to make you feel like the puddles were really being splashed.

It made the show a real “sensory experience”, which got all of us smiling and laughing throughout the show.

Other shows included a “Disney at Hollywood” show.




The show featured all their musicals and their famous cartoons like “Toy Story”, “Mulan”, “Beauty and the Beast”.

It was entertaining, but the main script of the show was in Cantonese, and sometimes we had to read the subtitles to catch what they saying.

At nightfall, we headed for Main Street, and waited for the fireworks.

Unfortunately, we missed the Main Street Parade, as there wasn’t a parade in the winter, except during the Xmas Holidays.






By this time, the kids were getting tired, and it was time to go home!

We caught the fireworks on the way out of the park and they were beautiful! I can’t imagine how they can have fireworks every night at the park!

Hopefully, it truly created a magical ending and a memorable experience for the adults and the kids!

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