New Skin!

Panic raced through the air yesterday…

Ed Unloaded, 20 September (1)

I woke up and upon going into my website to check the status of a post, I realized that something was terribly wrong with our website. The wordpress template was not displaying properly on the Internet Browser. I picked up my mobile device and the same problem seemed to persist. The website was down!

Upon checking with my more savvy friends, I realized that the WordPress Theme that I was previously using was not functioning at 100%. It’s product life cycle has seemed to come to an end, and it was not able to handle the new versions of WordPress out on the market. We tried to restore the blog back to it’s last update, and it did not seem to work. We were left with no choice, but to face the tough inevitable task of Updating our blog theme. What a way to spend my Public holiday…

After scouring through numerous blog themes, we finally decided on the “Virtue” theme which is given FREE by WordPress. Love the fact that it is able to offer a customizable “header”, which is essential for our rather large banner. We have tried our best to import everything over from the previous website, and we still have some little “kinks” to iron out. But we are nearly at 100% for this New Look! We hope that you will love it!

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