Milo Party (Part 2)

Time has progressed…These days, every child’s party has a goody bag…and our Milo Party was of no exception.

We went down to Nestle in Changi Business Park, and through our kind sponsors, we filled our goody bags full of Milo products!

milo collage



I have never seen so much green stuff in my life…It was like St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

And as requested by our Birthday Gal…her party must have games!

We managed to get our trusted friends to come down and help us. They were most willing to oblige and organized some “Milo Games”, according to the theme of the party.

Our First game was: Stand on the Magic Number!

Simple game where the birthday girl would draw out the lucky number, and if you were standing on the Magic Number, you would win a Prize!

Nicoles bdae collage

We also had traditional Party favorites like Passing the Parcel…the kids loved it, as every time the parcel came to you, you got a prize!

passing the parcel


We had a Milo Telematch

Milo telematch

And of course we had food…According to my daughter…the Perfect Party must end off with Burgers and Fries from McDonald’s…

And the kids naturally had NO objections!


food collage

Nadine was also there, and she was enjoying herself!




And Nicole loved her Strawberry Shortcake Agar-agar birthday cake!


milo cheers

And to end it all off…the kids gave a loud “CHEERS”to Milo!

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