Getting Married Again!

Yes! You did not read it wrong! I am getting Married again!!! 🙂 However, it is just not what you think. This year marks our 15th wedding anniversary, and on the invitation of Blissful Brides, we were given the privilege of having our wedding photoshoot over again! 15 years ago, we were inexperienced and overwhelmed by the expectations of the occasion. 15 years later, we are more experienced, but still just as awkward, as we went through the wedding poses 🙂

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Recently, I was teaching at a Marriage Seminar, and I was remarking about how the Wedding day, is generally a bigger event for brides rather than grooms. Girls are just more excited about the Big Day! After all, most men, don’t dream about that perfect wedding gown, as they walk down the beautifully decorated church aisles. Guys don’t dream about the wedding ring or song, or the perfect kodak moment…In fact, guys are generally more worried about the bottom line! How much will the wedding cost me?

As time has been our teacher, my wife and I have learnt to understand each other, and through the years, we have learnt to dwell with each other in understanding. This time round, there were no bills to pay, and instead, we just had to perfect our smile, for the photo shoot!

This was definitely a very different way to spend an off day together! 🙂

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Are Wedding Photoshoots Fun?

Yes! We enjoyed the whole experience! Although there were quite a few awkward poses, in the sense that we had to twist our bodies to “create the moment”, we had no problems with each other. In contrast to 2001, my wife told me, that she had no problems adjusting herself in front of me, as we have already known each other for the last 15 years.

edunloaded wedding

The experience was also new for us, as this time round we had Social Media! In 2001, we could not tweet or Instagram the moment. But in 2016, I found myself, looking for pictures to take, and posting some of the moments online. There were no such disturbances back then! Definitely much busier!

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At the end of the day, when we looked at the photos taken in the magazine, we were just as excited to see the photos! Some people have asked me, how it felt like, taking my wedding photos again! And I must say, that I enjoyed every moment of it! If money is not a factor, I think must couples would enjoy these precious moments relived with their spouses! 🙂

And the occasion was also a moment for us to look back at those old wedding photos and videos. To be honest, my wedding album is so old, that even the pages are stuck together, and some of the photos have been affected by wear and tear. But we managed to dig up our old wedding video, which is naturally archaic in today’s standards! 🙂


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