ED Unloaded: The Business Times

Hurray! June was a really busy month, but Ed Unloaded just got featured on The Business TImes. Although it has been a hectic month,  we were interviewed for a Father’s Day article, and it gave us a good opportunity to reflect on our journey thus far. Who would have thought that this Parenting journey, would have brought us to this important Parenting and family milestone.

Personally, it is the first time that the whole family, has made the pages of The Business Times, and we were elated with the experience. (We used to produce the article here, but we had to remove it due to copyright reasons.)

Through the article, we discussed our experience and what made us take up the challenge of being a blogger. One of the issues we discussed, was how, Daddy Blogging is very different from Mummy Blogging. We Men tend to focus on our gadgets, while Women bring their emotions to the table.

To find out more, do read from our book! 🙂


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