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One of the highlights for us in December 2017, was that Ed Unloaded was on Radio 938now! This was the very first time that both of us, husband and wife (Mumseword.com) were on radio together and it was definitely an enriching experience. I felt the synergy and chemistry with her at a different level and it felt easy being together with her on the airwaves! 🙂 Definitely looking forward to more of these experiences together!

Ed Unloaded

Starting Ed Unloaded.com in 2008, we have definitely come a long way in our journey. When we first started, the kid or kids were still in their diapers and we were more freed up to talk about anything under the sun. However, this time round, we went with the awareness that all 3 kids have turned on the radio and were listening to us LIVE! They definitely brought the issue of “kids watching their parents” to a new level 🙂

Ed Unloaded

Has Blogging changed us

Well, we never had the dream of writing about our family nor about putting ourselves up on the World Wide Web. But with the kids growing up, parenting issues are inevitably pushed onto our laps and we are constantly forced to think and reflect on our parenting paradigms. Being active on social media has also increased the need for us to be more aware of the parenting issues that we parents face today.

Together with the regular Parenting Talks that we give, blogging and parenting has inevitably made us more contemplative. It has not been an easy journey and we are definitely not the most perfect parents. However, we hope that our ability to communicate and share our journey, can be an encouraging voice to all our fellow parents out there.

If you are wondering how you can catch this 1 hour episode of “Smart Parents” on 938now, we have a recording online. Many thanks to everyone in advance for tuning in to listen to us! 🙂

Parenting Nuggets coming up:

We have got a regular podcast coming up on 938 now, where we get to share our Parenting Nuggets. We have recorded a 5 Part Parenting Podcast where we talk about Building Resilient Children. Catch us on 938 Now on weekdays for this week at 2.20pm, 5.20pm, 8.20pm,

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