Chinese New Year Performance

Chinese New Year is not just a season of Ang Pows and an exchanging of greetings, but it is also the time of the year, where Nicole has her yearly performance in school.

As usual, Nicole was “pumped up” for her performance.

Nic n ribbons

However, this year, the performance was going to carry a deeper meaning for the family: As it was also….drum roll…Nathan’s 1st Public Performance.

Nathan has been attending Pre-School for only 1 Month, and naturally this was going to be a BIG time of adjustment in his life.

Naturally, Nathan was not at his  ***cough*** cough *** “VERY BEST”

Just look at him and his friends…I think the anticipation is killing them…check out the “NOT Happy face”


Nathan has not “broken out of his shell” yet, so he does like the public attention.

Check out him and our friends daughter in comparison:

nathan crying

Yes…That is him crying…despite the fact that Daddy was standing in front of him.

nathan dancing

When the music started, the kids were supposed to pick up their tambourines and do some simple dance steps.

This is what the situation was like 1 min into the music…


Yes…All the kids in the back row had stage fright…and were basically stoic throughout the performance. (I think the “not-so-good” performers are all put behind!)

Don’t worry, he was alright…and Daddy gave him a big hug after the performance. My boy will definitely do better next year!

Meanwhile, Nicole was looking forward to her performance…

ribbon dance

It was a Chinese Ribbon Dance and she performed well!

Overall, the kids enjoyed the whole outing, as the school organized a mini carnival after the event, and the kids enjoyed themselves with the food and the games!

MeiMei was there as well and she loves playing with the drums!

mei mei

Here’s a picture with the 2 girls and their teacher wishing everybody a Happy CNY!

happy CNY

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