LUMOS NANO Portable Projector

Imagine a home theatre with a quality projector just slightly smaller than a coke can! Yes! All your cinema projection dreams can come true with the LUMOS NANO Portable Projector. 

Weighing at just 400gm, this premium DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector is my daughter’s dream. With built-in Netflix and YouTube, she can now watch her favorite programs in her room on demand. Seriously, need I say more?

Most of us parents are noobs when it comes to these projection units, so I was a bit apprehensive when I unboxed the unit. The last time I touched these projection units, they were big …bulky … with one needing lots of space, in order to ensure good viewing pleasure.  However, technology has made it possible for a nano-sized unit to be economically priced and quality competitive as well. Together with touch-pad technology, I was pleasantly surprised with the LUMOS projector, as it was an easy plug and play unit, built to cater to any tech boomer.   

Smaller than a coke can

Built slightly smaller than a drink can, this handy device will fit snugly into any backpack or suitcase and it can be a handy accessory when you go for a chalet or holiday. I can imagine that the LUMOS can be quite useful when I am throwing a Soccer party. The LUMOS can create a 100 inch screen with everyone able to enjoy the match comfortably at a EPL Soccer party. Packed with 1500 lumens, in terms of projection quality, the LUMOS NANO handles herself well against her competitors within this class of projectors.    

As with all modern devices, the keyword is convenience. I love the fact that this can-sized projection unit has been well thought through. With built-in Dolby audio speakers, you have a unit that can operate on its own. Couple it your speaker system, you can see your home theatre dreams come to past without burning a hole in your pocket. 

After unpacking the device, I told my daughter about the in-built apps. This was a function that my daughter made me explore immediately. After the quick start-up, my first port of call was NETFLIX, as this was her favorite app.  Applications are easily accessible from the main menu and once hooking it onto your WIFI, the family can enjoy YouTube and other Android applications on the device. For those who are familiar with screen mirroring, phone apps can also be projected. This means you can cast Instagram, TikTok or even your phone games onto a massive screen. Ahhh! The wonders of modern technology.



For tech noobs, another term that one might not be familiar with is keystone correction. This feature is useful when one is projecting on an irregular sized room or angled surface. Ever notice images that are trapezoidal rather than square. To avoid such images, the LUMOS NANO has keystone correction to offer the best rectangular shape to adjust to its surroundings. 

This is the projection that one sees when you start up your LUMOS module. Images are clear and crisp. 

And most importantly, everybody’s main concern is pricing! The good news is that the LUMOS NANO home cinema mini portable projector is very competitively priced at SGD $599. Together with 1 year local warranty, this is one of the best deals around. Visit Lumos to find out more about their other products.  

To add even more atmosphere to your viewing pleasure, one can also try out the LUMOS MOOD lighting projector. To add atmosphere to your parties or just to create the “Waa” effect for the kids, this LUMOS product does the job.   

Mood projection on the ceiling

We turned out the lights and shot it to the ceiling for our youngest girl and she just loved the new ambience it brought to the room. At just $99, one can really turn up the atmosphere in any bedroom with another quality product from LUMOS. 

Check out the big smile on her when she found out what the mood projector could do for her room! 🙂 



LUMOS MOOD Projector

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