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Recently, Ed Unloaded had the privilege to be featured on Singapore Child’s Magazine. Singapore Child is a premier magazine that helps parents understand the issues and challenges facing them. Interviewed with 2 other fathers, we were asked how we coped with Fatherhood with our busy schedules. Being a technology Father with a Parenting Blog, we were asked how we coped with Parenting, Work and the children. Every Father has his own challenges and difficulties, but as we get our priorities right, I am sure that we are more than able to be a blessing in our children’s lives.

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Here is a summary of the Interview questions that we were asked in the September Issue of Singapore Child’s Magazine:

1. Tell us how you got started into blogging?

I only started blogging after my first child. Many parents get a digital DSLR, whenever they have a new addition to the family. We had similar purchasing patterns, and I needed an outlet to post my photos. After all, family and friends were constantly asking for updates, and an online portal was the easiest way for us to keep everyone informed. After the first post and getting used to writing, the rest is history.

2. How has being a daddy blogger improved your parenting skills? 

I think that being a Parenting Blogger has made me more aware of online parenting issues. As we are constantly online, we are also aware and conscious of the negative effects of technology. We make a conscious effort to restrict technology usage in our homes, and focus more on getting the kids outdoor, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Your kids are the stars on your blog! How do they feel about you being a blogger?

They love it! They love the new things that we get to cover every week, and that when the weekend comes, Daddy is always looking for somewhere interesting for them to visit.

4. What is your take on the stay at home daddies? Yay or Nay?

I am quite a practical guy, so as long as the family can afford it, and both partners are in agreement with the arrangement. After all, Parenting is a game of doubles, and both husband and wife are working together as a team.

5. How do you juggle your time between your full time job, your blog and your family?

I make a conscious decision to order the things in my life. My top priority is my family, followed by my job and then my blog. Therefore, if there is a clash of priorities, I must be willing to sacrifice the right things, in order to make the right investment into my life.

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6. How do you incorporate the use of technology into your parenting?

Technology has brought with it many interesting and interactive games, that can add value to the education process. Besides helping the kids learn their ABCs and improve their reflexes, the kids also use technology as their online dictionary. Whenever, they learn something new such as volcanoes, they can watch eruptions in action, providing them an instant learning experience.

7. Why do you think fathers should be more hands-on when it comes to their children?

Parenting involves both parents playing an active role. As fathers provide a secure and stable perspective to any family environment, their input is invaluable. When fathers are hands-on, wife’s feel supported, and a strong family environment

8. For fathers who are struggling to give their kids enough time, what can they do to curb this issue?

I think they will need to put things in perspective. Choosing what matters most for each family, is an individual decision, that each parent will need to make. As a parent makes those sacrifices, I am sure that they will find more time for their family.

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