Mother’s Day Performance

As a parent, I just love it  when the kids have a recital or a performance in school. Amazingly, it stirs up a spirit within us to want to see them excel and it’s really heart-warming to see the broad smiles on every parent’s face, as they see their little darlings perform.

This May, Nicole had a Mother’s Day Recital in School! As it was only delivered by kids at her level, it was a smaller and a  more intimate experience. (Check out her other performances here)

The teacher’s really worked very hard at it as well and here is a picture of the banner that greeted us, as we entered the school. Cool right! 🙂


The school and classrooms were also decorated by the teachers, to deliver a Fun Party-like atmosphere!


wall collages

When we entered the music room, there were lots of parents there already. Everyone was armed with a Video cam or a DSLR as we awaited the performance (If u are planning to be a parent, do get one of these optical equipment, as the memories are priceless)

I went to look for the kids before the recital started, and they were excited and ready to go…Check out their excited faces before the performance.

mothers day collage

Nicole delivered a song and dance performance in Mandarin, and it was really touching, as our little princess sang with all her heart. She definitely gave her BEST and Daddy and Mummy were so proud of her.




performance collage

In fact, All the daddies and Mummies were so proud of their kids, that they were snapping like crazy. I thought that I was at a celebrity press launch! 🙂


Mummy who was the star of the show, was proud of her little princess!


After the performance, we also got to see Nicole play the piano, as she performed some of the items that she learnt in her music class.




The song items included movement and dance into the music recitals as well. (Nicole likes the dancing!)


hands lifted

The whole family was there as well. Grandma was especially proud of her little Maestro!


Nicole also played tour guide and showed us around her classroom.






my work

And of course, no party will be complete without FOOD!


Looks like the kids were enjoying it more than the adults!

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