Shell V-Power Vroom Puzzle Series

Visiting the Shell petrol station was always such a treat when I was a young boy! Every full tank of shell meant a new “Matchbox” car model that I could add to my collection. The legacy continues, as Shell has got something special for your kids!  The Shell V-Power Vroom Puzzle Series is the latest promotion for all Shell petrol customers. 


As we regularly top up our petrol at Shell, my kids have been won over by all their promotions. From Lego F1 cars to other Shell gifts, they love their visits to the neighbourhood Shell station. The recent Shell Puzzle Series has yielded a similar response from them.

Previously, I have never heard of a car that was made up jigsaw pieces and my son’s eyes popped out when he chanced upon the puzzle. The car is so unique and revolutionary that it can be added to your Christmas Shopping list if you have short of gift ideas.

As you can see, both my boy and youngest daughter were more than willing to give the puzzle a go!

Upon opening the puzzle, one will find pieces marked with numbers. To make things easier, the instruction sheet comes with easy visuals to guide users on the placement of the pieces. Check out the video below as it further illustrates the process:

My 9-year-old son who is a regular Lego builder enjoyed the whole car-building process. However, do take note that certain pieces may require good coordination and a bit of strength to fit the pieces in correctly. Parents are therefore encouraged to supervise the whole process to help the kids out when difficulties arise.

My kids totally loved the whole experience and there are a total of 5 cars to build. One can collect cars such as a Mustang FR500C, Audi R8, Mini Cooper, Lamborghini Veneno and a Hummer H2T. To complete the look, from 19 December, one can build a Shell Petrol station to park the cars in a nice display.

Here are the details about the purchase of each model:

Every $60 gross spent on Shell FuelSave 95/98/Diesel purchase at $12.95/model

Every $60 gross spent on Shell V-Power Nitro+ purchase at $8.95/model

The Shell Station replica models are available from 19 Dec and are priced as follows:

For Shell V-Power customers: $15.

For Shell FuelSave customers: $19

Customers can also redeem (from 8 Dec) the puzzles with their Escape points at all stations:

For all puzzle cars: 300 Escape points with every $60 gross Shell fuel (any grade)

For Shell station replica model: 500 Escape points with every $60 gross Shell fuel (any grade)

Start spending quality time with your kids and pop by your nearest Shell station to pick up a car model for yourself! 🙂

(Disclaimer: This is a paid advertorial in kind done in conjunction with our sponsors. All opinions are 100% our own.)

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