Jubilee at the Botanics


Thinking of going for a family picnic? How about bringing your family down, to a weekend of Music at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Recently, we were invited to “Temesek Presents Jubilee at the Botanics”, whereby  the kids were able to sit by the greens and enjoy a free concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Check out the crowds gathered for this event!jubilee botanic gardensPreviously, we were invited by friends to attend concerts at the Botanic gardens, but we did not realize that these concerts had such a good following! The best thing is that, the gardens are large enough to contain the crowds, and together with many like minded Singaporeans, we were more that ready to enjoy a lazy afternoon together.

The event is held over 2 days, with the SIngapore Chinese Orchestra anchoring the Sat event, and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra anchoring the Sunday event. Both orchestras serve as a good way to expose the kids to music and a fun way to share some family moments as well. We chose to go on a Saturday afternoon, and we were not disappointed! 🙂

Although we had to arrive at about 5pm to “chope” our seats, everyone seemed to find their own way to pass time together. Parents were throwing a frisbee with their kids, playing with their dogs, while others were catching up on a good book, or just catching up on some much needed sleep.

Our kids were more than happy to sit on their picnic mats and munch on the many goodies that we brought along. Needless to say, Potato Chips went well with the kids! 🙂 botanic gardensbotanic relaxing

The main highlights of the evening started at 530pm. Where Tay  Kewei kicked off the event with 2 songs. We managed to catch up with this Singaporean Songbird earlier, and the kids were excited to take a photo with her. She really has got a great voice, and it is no wonder that she is making such a great impact in the local music scene.

tay kewei

Besides the 2 opening songs by Tay Kewei, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra continued to entertain the audience with more numbers from their repertoire. Many of us in the crowd loved the medley of TV themes where the orchestra played local favorites like “Kopi-O” which struck a chord with all the parents in the crowd.

The event ended with “Home”, which was wonderfully sung by Tay Kewei. As expected, the crowd was more than ready to sing along with the song, and many of them spontaneously waved their hands in tandem with the song. This was definitely a meaningful way to usher the community together.

There will be more similar events coming up at the Botanic Gardens planned by Temasek. So do stay tuned , for the next community event! 🙂

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and comments are entirely our own)

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