I am in Men’s Health

When I tweeted that I was on this month’s Men’s Health – there was an aura of unbelief in the air!

mens health

For the uninitiated, Men’s Health is a magazine associated with Ultra-healthy individuals, who eat well and exercise regularly. What’s more, their poster boys are normally muscle laden hunks – with biceps the size of tree trunks!

Has Parenting made Edmund delusional? How can he be associated with this magazine? Young Parents is definitely a far cry from Men’s Health!!!

Don’t worry – when the word went around – I quickly reassured everyone, that I did not go TOPLESS! (lest our eyes will laugh at those love handles)…I half jokingly told everybody- I could not go TOPLESS, as my mum said NO! It would harm the family reputation!!! 🙂

But seriously, I really am in this month’s Men’s Health!


No…I was not in the ULTIMATE BICEPS WORKOUT section (Please stop sniggering…)

But I am there…



Shall I highlight it for you?

Listerine circle

Still can’t see…Let me ZOOM in for u!!!


Haha…This magazine cost me $6 dollars.

… A Big Price for a small moment of fame 🙂

Ok…Time for me to get serious….

If you have not noticed, I am on this Listerine Challenge, which is essentially a Voting Competition.

By the looks of things – we are really far behind  in terms of votes, so do help me “save some face”…I don’t want to be TOO FAR BEHIND.

I get additional points through:

Listerine Badge

Ok…Thanks for laughing at me 🙂 Time for you to Vote!

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