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What happens when you are just too busy to do a major spring cleaning on your home? Have you ever considered Professional Home Cleaning Services? Recently, we had the chance to experience the Professional home cleaning services of De Hygienique and we were extremely satisfied. 

We have stayed in our current home for more than a decade, and we have never seriously thought of engaging a professional home cleaning service. The usual mindset is that we only need such cleaning services, when one needs to shift into a new home and get rid of all the dust accumulated by renovation works. However, for 10 years, we only had surface clearning, and there’s major construction works next door, we decided to explore the option of such home cleaning services.

Introducing De Hygienique Professional Cleaning Services. Established since 2003 and with offices in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong, De Hygienique has professional services for every household and office.  From mattress, carpet, sofa, upholstery, rug, dining chair, fabric wall and leather cleaning, they have a cleaning service which can fulfill your household needs. 

Why engage a Professional Cleaning Service 

Personally, I feel that the best thing about professional cleaning services is not just their eye for details but the technology and the professional disinfectants that they bring into the home. The usual dusting and vacuuming of the house with the normal vacuum cleaner can only go so far, as dust and other undesirable micro-organisms do accumulate on our mattress, sofas and common areas.  Therefore, when one wants to seriously exterminite dust mites and stubborn stains, professional equipment is needed. 

Mattress Cleaning

One of the most important fixtures in our home is the mattress. In fact, my wife says it is her favorite piece of  furniture in her home. Ever realized that it is the only piece of furniture that has a voice which calls out to you … especially on a cold december morning.  I digress, but on average, we spend at least 1/3 of our lives lying on our mattress and therefore, having it dust free is of upmost importance. 

To the naked eye, every mattress seems clean after we change our sheets. However, Singapore is so humid that our mattresses are a breeding ground for dust mites and dead skin flakes due to continual use. To maintain good mattress hygiene, a healthy mattress requires regular cleaning to get rid of these unwanted organisms. As shampoo, water and the basic vacuum cleaner cannot do the job, professional mattress equipment is needed. 

Check out the video below to watch how the heavy duty mattress cleaner sucks up the dirt on my mattress. 

The great thing about the whole cleaining is that it is 100% chemical safe, 100% dry and effective in getting rid of unwanted organisms living in your mattress. 

And of course, when I went to bed that night, I gave the mattress a quick smell with the trusty nose … and just what did the “smell test” reveal … The freshness of a showroom condition mattress! 🙂 

Sofa Cleaning

We have been using our sofa for the last 10 years and this was the first time we were having it professionally cleaned. The professionals from De Hygienique were very thorough as they pulled out the cushions and vacuumed up every hair and dirt which was invisible to the naked eye. 

I know, some of you are saying that that you don’t need a professional cleaner to do that … but here is the deal clincher. They have a wet shampoo machine that cleans the sofa as well. It’s just like sending your car for a car wash, as there are literally soap suds on your sofa, as the machine rigioursly ploughs through the mattress. The great thing about the machine is that wet shampooing cleans your fabric sofa with minimal drying time. I was able to use my sofa 2 hours after that deep cleaning and the whole service did not cause much “down time” for the whole family 🙂 

What impressed me the most, was the machine’s ability to remove stains. I have not noticed some old stubborn stains on the sofa but as they examined the sofa, the staff from De Hygienique pointed out some stains to me.  Upon soaping, the 10 year old stains were able to come out! The visible effects of the soaping can clearly be seen in the photos below. Check out the de-coloring of my sofa due to human sweat and dirt, as you examine the photo on the left. To my surprise, the effects of the cleaning are extremely visible to the naked eye and my sofa was restored back to near showroom condition due to the soaping and cleaning process. (No photoshop effects was done on the photo)

No prizes for guessing, if I was a satisfied customer as the results speak for themselves. If you have an old sofa, that has lost a bit of its lustre, do give De Hygienique a call 🙂 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a good accessory to any house, as they give the house character. However, when you have children or pets in the home, the carpet is a breeding ground for germs and dust mites. 

Although much neglected in many homes, Professional carpet cleaning is helpful as it helps to remove accumulated dirt and stains in the carpet. Together with De Hygienique’s chemical safe treatment, carpet cleaning can bring a breath of fresh air to your living room.

carpet cleaning

Once again, the beauty of the treatment is that there is no downtime and no drying time needed when it comes to Professional cleaning. Without any downtime, there is also no odour from the carpet, as insufficient drying does give off that unpleasant smell. 

Check out my carpet after the whole service. The threads on the carpet sprung back to original condition and I felt like the carpet was restored back to life.  

Final Thoughts on De Hygienique

This is my first time engaging De Hygienique and definitely if my budget permits, I will go back to them again. The staff were professional and more importantly, I can visibly see the effects of their cleaning services.  If you have babies, seniors or if you are highly sensitive to dust mites, do make an appointment with the cleaning professionals from De Hygienique. 

And if you able to commit to an annual plan, customers are able to able to get up to 25% off listed prices. Do check with De Hygienique for more details. 

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