Club Med Bali (Day 3)

Today was a very scary, death-defying day for the Tay family. Do read on to find out more about the intimate details…:)

This morning when we woke up in Club Med Bali, we decided to bring Nicole (Our 5 year old daughter) to try out the circus trapeze on the resort.

flying trapeze

Being young and untainted by fear, she was naturally very excited that she could be like a flying gymnast soaring through the Bali skies…


In fact, she was still very excited, as she climbed up the ladder towards the platform



As she made her way to the top…her fears were beginning to show, and she had to be “yanked” across to the platform.

trapeze platform


And here she was, looking apprehensive before the “launch”

holding on

And the moment Nicole was “launched” from the platform…

She shouted…


crying out

It was really quite funny…as the Whole Peaceful Bali Morning…was broken by the continuous shouts of “LET ME DOWN…”

let me down

As you can see…its actually quite high…so who could blame her! 🙂

Naturally, she was more than happy to be safely down on solid ground!

coming down

However, our adventures did not stop there. Seeing that Nicole displayed such bravery on the trapeze, Mummy managed to get Daddy to try out the circus in the afternoon. She said that Daddy had to go up there, to show his daughter how it is done!

Daddy was not enthusiastic about it at all…

First up, Daddy had to go for ground school training. I had to get used to having myself outside down… A great feat for this out of shape Daddy.


Here is Daddy with his instructor from New Zealand. Soon, it was my turn…and I had a date with destiny…


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