Safari World Bangkok Thailand

Safari World has got to be one of the Top family destinations in Bangkok. Although it is 1 hour away from Bangkok, it is definitely worth the visit. Opened in 1988, it occupies approximately 480 acres of land and consists of an Open Zoo and a Marine Park.

Getting to Safari World

We hired a mini van (handles 10 passengers), which comes complete with an English Speaking guide,  to take the family out here, We had the Mini Van for the entire day, and the whole mini van and driver costs us about 2000 Baht,

What to expect at Safari World?

Visitors to the Park are advised to head out to the Safari World as early as possible, with the gates opening as early as 9am. Try to avoid going on Public Holidays, as you can expect huge crowds at the park. Unfortunately, we did not have knowledge about the overflowing crowds, and we were caught with huge traffic flows as we were there on a public holiday.

The Best way to enjoy the park is to head out to the Zoo in the morning, have lunch and head over to the Safari in the afternoon. The thing about the Zoo, is that it is characterized by Shows. Each show is staged within minutes of each other, and almost immediately after each show, we were rushing off to the next. In this aspect, our guide was very useful, as he led us through the many short cuts around the zoo. This ensured that we got to the next show on time, and it also gave us an opportunity to get good seats as well!

Orang Utan show

The kids enjoyed the shows as they got to performances involving Orang Utans, Dolphins, Elephants, Sea lions and many others. Shows are also staged in English.


Thailand stunt show

Personally, the best part of our visit was when we entered the Safari Park. Being born and bred in tiny Singapore, seeing all the wildlife up close, was the closest that we can get to Wild Africa. Check up how close Nicole and the family was, when we entered “Lion Country”. The Lions were just sleeping on the road, and they provided us with many Kodak Moments! Smile

safari bangkok

We enjoyed these moments best, as we also had the whole minibus to ourselves. We saw some tourists who were in those Big Tour Buses. The Buses seem to diminish the whole experience of the Safari Park, as they were much higher and further away from the animals. Therefore, getting into a good transport, that is lower and nearer the ground, will greatly help the whole experience!

Admission Details to Safari World:

Ticket prices can fluctuate, due to flexible pricing by many tour agencies. When you buy a package, they tend to include an International Buffet in the deal.  Frankly the buffet is “no big deal”, and I don’t think you will miss much by giving it a miss. I think your money will be more well spent, if you spend it in an authentic Thai restaurant back in Bangkok.

Overall, this is a real fun attraction for the whole family, and worth the day out of Bangkok if you have the time! Smile

To find out more about this attraction at the Safari Wold Thailand Website.

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