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Located next to the very Touristy Covent Garden Plaza, the London Transport Museum is a MUST for kids! Frankly, I was not too excited about going to a Transport Museum, as who really wants to travel to London to looks at old Buses and Trains. However, I definitely felt differently, after witnessing first hand, the fun which the kids had.

london transport museum

Entry charges for visitors varies upon age. Kids (up to age 17)  get to enter the Museum for FREE, while an adult ticket will cost £16, with entry for Seniors at £13.50. If you have a London Pass, adults can minimize their costs, as the London Pass offers free entry for card holders. For Seniors, Wheelchairs are also provided as part of their senior friendly services.

Once you step pass the entrance, the fun for the kids begins! Children can get a children’s activity card from the staff, and move around the museum collecting “chops” for their cards. (Helpful Tip: Do pick up the activity card for the kids, as it does give them the extra “spring” as they move from exhibit to exhibit.)

london museum kids program

Essentially, the London Transport Museum brings you on a journey to experience transportation through the ages. We started off in the 1800s, and we were brought back in time, as the kids got to see carriages from a different era. Frankly, witnessing the carriages in real life, was not just an eye opener for the kids, but for the adults as well! 🙂

london carriages

london transport

If you have a boy in the family, they will love the fact that they can get to sit in the trains, which actually ploughed the street of London. Check out these original carriages of the Baker Street Train, which even had carriages for Male and Female Passengers. It was a very informative fact, which we could bring to the children’s attention of a bygone era! 🙂
british carriage

baker street train



One of the highlights of the London Transport Museum is the interactive zones. Nathan was totally engrossed with repairing the trains. He spent like a good 15 mins lying on his back and putting the plugs into the switches, and making sure that the train was good was ready to go.

Kids can also be a bus or train driver, and make “live” announcements over the intercom. The kids were quick the repeat the same messages that they hear over the intercoms, whenever they commute on the London transportation system. Together with the costumes and role playing facilities, this part of the museum was a real plus for the kids! 🙂

kids repairmanlondon fun

As the photos reveal, the London Transport Museum is really huge in space, and huge in terms of transportation memorabilia. If you always wanted to ride an authentic London Bus, this is the place to get on one!

transport museum

For the adults, we enjoyed reading about the development of the London Rail, tube and other services. We were fascinated by their many campaigns to get the British to be more “British”, and display “Gentlemanly” conduct when on their way to work. We witnessed the many posters they had, which encouraged the gentlemen to give up their seats to the ladies. Well, we can definitely say that the Singapore Government picked up a few tips from their old colonial Masters, with our numerous campaigns in our early years of Nation Building.

london buses

london bus

Overall, the family enjoyed the museum, and we will rank it as one of the “Must Go” places for families while you are in London! If you are in London, do drop by with the kids!


London Transport Museum
Covent Garden Piazza (south east corner)

Website: London Transportation Museum

Tel: +44 (0)20 7379 6344
Email: [email protected]

By Underground: Covent Garden.

d7100Photos taken with our Sponsored Nikon Camera

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