Top 5 Essential Blackberry Applications

Recently my wife changed her Blackberry from a Blackberry Curve to a Blackberry Bold 9700. For the uninitiated, the Blackberry does not have as many applications as the iPhone, and the applications found in the iPhone, is definitely the envy of all Blackberry Users. With the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4, even my children are BIG  Converts.

However, as most of our friends carry a Blackberry, it makes common sense for us to stay on this platform, as the server allows us to communicate with each other efficiently and at an affordable rate.


As she updated her mobile, We began to take note of the most essential applications found in a Blackberry.

Here is a quick list of the 5 most essential applications:

1. Quick Pull – Schedule or Activate an immediate Reset of the phone without pulling out your Battery. Essential as the Blackberry can sometimes not be the most stable device around.

2. Txt Later – Suddenly you remember that you need to SMS your friend, and it’s too late to SMS them now. Schedule your SMS to go out the next day, or schedule Birthday Greetings, so that you are always the 1st person to send your Birthday Greetings. I used to have this similar function on my Nokia Communicator and I loved it!

3. UberTwitter – How can you be a Social Media Person and not be on Twitter? Get Twitter on the go and always stay in touch. IMHO,  this application is much more stable than the Blackberry Twitter Application.

4. Time Mobile – Stay up-to-date on the biggest stories of the day with social/political/entertainment/sports etc columns! You never need to be bored when you are on the bus, MRT or even when you go to the toilet 🙂 This no-fuss application gives you the latest insights to news, everywhere you go!

5. Bloomberg Mobile – For the financial savvy investor, this application gives you a delayed broadcast of the latest stock market prices and the money markets. An essential FREE application, as a lot of these applications only broadcast prices about the US market.

*These 5 applications are completely FREE and can be downloaded from Blackberry App World.

I may have missed out on some important applications, so feel free to add to the list!

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