Blackberry Playbook

My wife and I both use Blackberry, and we are totally unfamiliar with the iPhone. But recently with the launch of the iPad, I got myself one of these nifty devices.


I must say that the iPad is a really cool device, as it makes presentations and preaching much easier, and of course – Apple also has great games and applications, and they are so fun and varied that we have been envious of our friends’ iPhones many times.

Just when I thought that Blackberry was losing the war, I heard that Blackberry is launching a device, that could outperform the iPad.

Blackberry’s Answer to the iPad


The Blackberry Playbook is RIM’s answer to the tablet revolution, and it promises to be even better than Apple’s Device!

Boasting of both Front and Back High-Definition Web Cameras, the Blackberry Playbook has USB connector ports, HD recording, and a smaller 7 inch screen.

It can also link up with Blackberry Enterprise Servers, and it looks like a device that can really beat the iPad! 🙂

It’s targeted to be launched next year, and I am looking forward to this device! 🙂

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