Hansel and Gretel- Act 3 International

hanselLast week, at the invitation of Act 3 International, we had the privilege to watch Hansel and Gretel on the weekend.

Produced by the highly creative Lyngo Theatre Company from the UK, Hansel and Gretel is produced for kids aged 4 and above.

It certainly was quite an experience for the kids, and I think Nicole benefitted the most from the production.

After the show, she kept going on… and on… and on…(I think you roughly get the idea) about how the play was done entirely by 2 people. First the women was gretel, and then she became the evil stepmother, and then she was gretel again…and then she was the evil witch. The good thing was that she grasped the range of characters performed by the 2 actors, and she thoroughly enjoyed the play

Nathan and Nadine definitely got the plot as well. When I walked to the car, I told them that they better keep up, or they would be left behind…the kids definitely walked faster.(Was just being naughty,and had to give them big hugs after that…)

If you are interested in  Children’s theatre, there is another play  that just started called “Egg and Spoon”. Tickets are available at the usual SISTIC outlets and the production runs from 6-11 March 2012.

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