The Painters: Hero (Giveaway)

What happens when you have creativity, music, dance and paint coming together? Together with a Korean blend of humor and creativity and dance, The Painters are back in Singapore to woo our audiences with mind-blowing skills at live drawing with incredible special visual effects

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Rather than finding satisfaction from a completed artwork, The Painters: HERO shares the joy of creating works of art with the audience. Expect to witness paintings of All-time favorite superstars like Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, superheroes Superman, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, all re-created in a very unique way through a fun-filled compelling show. They had a sell-out tour all over Asia, and we are glad to have them on our shores! 🙂

the painters resort world

We managed to conduct an email interview with Mr Kyu Jeong, who is the producer of The Painters: HERO.

the pinters hero

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Here is the interview:

1. How did the idea of the show come about?

For most people, art is regarded as a sophisticated hobby only to be enjoyed at an art museum or gallery. With this show, I was hoping to make art more accessible and more enjoyable to the public in general. Therefore, I conceptualised The Painters: HERO, to make ‘art’ interesting yet entertaining and fun. The idea slowly evolved and while there is no script, we’ve got a strong story going on which includes comedic moments so the audience goes away having a good time with art instead of being boggled by something they fail to understand or appreciate.

2. Was it easy to find the right combination of people for the show?

Even though it’s an art performance, we don’t look out for actors who majored in art. To perform on stage, the cast should have endurance and patience as they need to go through at least six months of rigorous training. They need to push themselves to master painting skills such that at the end of the training, they would be able to draw even with their eyes closed. Without extraordinary passion, it is impossible to overcome all the training sessions. Therefore, the right combination of people are those who have a passionate attitude for our show, which we were lucky to find.

the painters korea

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3. How long do you take to practice for each act?

As we’ve been practicing performance paintings for 6 months in average prior to performing on stage, we do not have daily practice. However, when we have to prepare special drawings for outdoor events and touring shows, we practice more than 10 hours a day. Making art as a performance material is quite challenging every time. On top of that, we use at least 100 art mediums during the show with more than 50 varieties of colour paints. Thus, we usually take up to two hours to prepare all necessary materials before each show.

4. Whats your favorite act in the entire show?

We would say ‘Speed Drawing’. The actors takes on the challenge to overcome any’limitation to show ultimate drawing techniques. The artwork is completed in the blink of an eye and with the combination of 3D video display and we’re always ready to awe the audience.

the painters from korea

(Photo Credit Pentatonic Inc.)

5. In all your travels, what’s one of the most memorable moment for the cast? (Responses are from the cast) 

  • Kwon Woo Ram: While I’m preparing for the upcoming Singapore tour, it reminds me of thefirst Singapore tour in 2011. I remember the passionate audience and can’t forget the cheering. With great memory of Singapore, I’m preparing my best for our upcoming tour.
  • Hong Bo Ram: Every moment is memorable for me, but for now, I’m really excited about preparing for my first Singapore tour.
  • So Kwang Min: This is more of a funny episode. In our show actors do all the preparation for art materials. When I was preparing for a show in Japan, a celebrity thought I was a staff from the show and got embarrassed later when we met each other at the finale stage.
  • Kang Shin Koo: Sharing visions of the show with team mates is a memorable moment for me. Talks we share every day at the dressing room about giving better performance for our audiences are memorable for me too.

The Painters: HERO will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa,

Singapore from 10-11 June 2016. For more information, please visit the usual SISTIC outlets.

The Painters: Hero will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 10-11 June 2016.

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For more information, please visit your usual SISTIC outlets. 

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