Sun Ho has a BLOG!

As I was surfing the Sun Ho’s Facebook fanpage today, i chanced upon her blog! Yes!  Sun Ho has a blog! Follow her space to get the latest updates about Ho Yeow Sun from her blog.

sun blog

Just type to see her brand new blog page!

Sun was back late last year, and I was just wondering what she has been up to!

Recently, I read Sandra’s blog and I realized that there is this really ugly rumour going around round that Ps Kong Hee and Sun Ho are getting a divorce!

I happen to know them personally, and I will like to say that these rumours are totally unfounded!

Ps. Kong is always on the phone with her and he is always flying over to America to spend time with Sun and Dayan. Personally, I think they are really loving and a really great couple!

I think it must be someone’s idea of a really sick joke to start a false rumour like this!

Anyway, i think this vblog is really cool, and I don’t mind trying the creme bule in New York!

It looks really “Yummey-licious!”



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