We Went To Kiztopia And It Was Fun!

It’s true. Kiztopia is huge! The new kid on the indoor playground block is the largest you can find in the mall and it offers 18 themed play area. It’s opening its door on 15 June at Marina Square, but we got a chance to take a peek. 

Climb, Jump, Slide, Repeat

I must say I felt pretty lost when I first stepped into Kiztopia—there was just so much to take in! The pretty street lined up with a little supermarket, dressing room and school on one side and the exciting looking slides and trampoline on the other.

But my kids were obviously more experienced when it comes to conquering playgrounds. They ran straight towards the train and were waving me goodbye before I could even put on my socks.

The Chug Eli train looks like it’s designed for younger children—my 6-year-old could barely squeeze himself in. But it’s still a lot of fun for the boys.

Kiztopia believes that kids develop physical, emotional, cognitional and social development through interaction with their peers and parents. The play areas are designed for kids and their parents to play together. 

The Mojo Zone, which is a giant ball pit completed with a tall slide and banana boat is the place to be if you’re looking for some family fun. 

There’s also an AR game projected onto the wall. Pick up some balls and try to hit your target! 

Then there is the trampoline and the Ninja Warrior, which is a large obstacle with planks and climbing wall.

It’s all very well padded to the little ones can climb to their heart’s content. 

There’s another giant slide, the Cosmic Space that looks like a space maze from the outside. My big boy quickly disappears into it and emerge on the other side.

The little one was informed that he needs a parent to enter space with him so he decided to give it a miss. 

On the other side of the large space are the Pio Drift and stage area featuring another AR game and a huge soft toy of Kiztopias main star, Belle. The in-house cafe is also there, catered specially for worn-out parents I guess.

Fueling up at the gas station in Pio Drift.

Dressing up is not just for girls. Tina’s Snip gave the boys lots of options to fulfill their superhero dream.


Big brother (6yo):

My favorite is the ball pit because it has an orange and blue slide.

Climbing up that tall slide was slightly intimidating for me but he seems to enjoy it a lot. “Wait for me at the orange slide!” “Wait for me at the blue slide!” is still ringing in my ears.

Small brother (4yo):

My favorite is the banana boat!

Yea, I had to drag him around on that boat a few times. But it really was a lot of fun!

So it seems like Mojo Zone won the hearts of the kids.


My favorite is actually the Rabi’s Pit and Sprite, the two play area designed for toddlers. Firstly, I love that Kiztopia placed the exciting stuff right next to the cute stuff instead of having a very separated “under-3” area. It’s so thoughtful to allow young kids to admire the adventures of their older counterparts while they play. “I’ll get there one day too!”

And the play area is a lot of fun! When I was there with my obviously overaged “toddlers”, I spotted a few toddlers having a lot of fun going up the mini slides and overcoming their own ninja obstacles. Rabi Pit has tiny wooden pallets as sand and the young children were concentrating so hard to scoop them into toy trucks.

It’s just so cute.

The auntie in me also loves the Raby’s Mart, where the little ones can pretend to be their moms in a supermarket.

After two hours, the little one was so tired he was asking to leave. But, he also wanted to “ride the train last last time please mommy please?” Sure, if you can keep your eyes open.

Needless to say, they were already asking for a second trip to Kiztopia when they were putting on their shoes.

Tickets price

Single-entrance tickets will cost you $28 (1 hour of play), $38 (3 hours) and $48 (unlimited) which admits 1 child and 1 adult (Additional adult will cost $8 each) . You can also go for the 15-visit annual passes.

Babies under 12 months enter for free with a paying child and accompanying adult.

Opening hours are Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 9pm; Friday & Saturday, 10am to 10pm.

Kiztopia is located at  #01-09 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594.

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