Universal Studios Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming up this week, and with a Public Holiday on Friday, everyone is looking for “Things to do!”. To celebrate this Long weekend, how about bringing the kids down to Universal Studios Singapore for some good Easter  wholesome fun!

Normally, Universal Studios opens at 10am, but for this Special Easter event that runs from 18-20 April, the Park will open from 8am onwards. This means 2 EXTRA Hours of fun for the kids! With Universal Studio’s reputation for fun, you can imagine how excited the kids were, when we told them about Media Invite to Universal Studios…they just couldn’t wait!!!

Easter eggs hunt rws

Although you may be entering the Park early, you don’t need to worry about the children’s breakfast. Entry to the Park for this special Easter Holiday Event includes Buffet Breakfast, with all the children’s favourite foods! Smile

Breakfast Universal Studios

As the children “wolfed” down their food without any complaints, there were expectant about the day ahead for them. Participants who come for the Easter Egg Hunt, can expect Art and Craft fun, as they decorate their eggs in their favourite colours.

The most fun part of the 2 hour program was of course the Easter Egg Hunt itself.

egg painting

Pitched for Kids as young as 3yo, the kids were elated to find eggs all around the Park. As my children got their baskets, they filled each basket to the brim with their colourful treasures! Smile As you can see, every one of my kids enjoyed the run. Daddy had a hard time running after them to get some spontaneous shots of them in Action!

kids running

egg hunting

Visitors to the Park on this weekend will also get to watch a Special Easter Bunny Performance at the New York Library Area together with a  Bunny Meet and Greet.

court jester

circus ringmaster

The Best thing about Universal Studios is that the fun does not stop with the egg hunt. The children will love the rides and the many other things that they can do in the Park. A new addition to the Singapore theme park is its very own Minion Mart. Besides getting to a chance to have a Meet and Greet with the Minions, visitors can also go home with their favourite Minion Memorabilia.

minion stall

The kids loved the park, and their creativity peaked as they ran around Universal Studios, enjoying their favourite rides. Check out what the kids did, as they found some hats at the costume shop.

Universal studios

Fun at Universal Studios

juassic park

If you are wondering, whether the Park is friendly for Grandparents, you will  be glad to know that we brought “Popo” along and she had a blast. The roads are also wheelchair friendly, and you will have no problems guiding the elderly around the park.

grandparents universal studios

Things at Universal Studios Singapore

universal collage

Our day was also made extra special as Nikon put some Cameras into our hands for the trip. The kids started to learn how to take their own pictures to record the whole event, as they queued up for their rides. Daddy was glad that there were just so many things to take, as he went around, trying out a full frame Nikon D610.

Easter egg island

If you are planning to go for the Easter Event this weekend, here are some important details:

Adult: S$118
Child: S$93
Senior: S$81

Package includes:
? 1-Day Pass to Universal Studios Singapore
? Easter Breakfast Buffet at Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court
? Early entry to the park at 8am onwards for Egg Hunt followed by breakfast

More details at http://www.rwsentosa.com/

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