Navy Open House

The Navy Open House is coming up and it’s going to an exciting time for the family! If you love to get your family out to sea on a missile corvette, catch some of our Navy Seals up close,or fire a GPMG or M16, this is the Open house for you!

navy open house

Last week, we were invited by the Navy to preview the upcoming Open House at Changi Navy Base. I truly think these Military Open Houses are a guy thing, as there were 3 Daddy Bloggers took leave to attend the Media Briefing, and No Mummy Bloggers were in sight. I guess this clearly shows why Men and Women are different Smile

Anyway…the Open House was definitely worth it! As it allowed me to fuel Nathan’s dream of being a Fireman, Doctor, Shoot Shooter, Technician…Yes! the whole lot, as the Navy actually trains personnel in a host of vocations. Definitely great fun for the whole family!

Here are  a few highlights that you can look forward to, as you head off for the Navy Open House:

Navy dynamic display

1) Dynamic “Storm and Rescue” Display

Catch the Navy Diving Unit in action, as you catch our Navy protecting our vessels from Pirates or Terrorists. The Guns will be blazing, so do warn and prepare your kids about the loud Gun-Fire. My 2 kids (6yo and 5 yo) went through it without crying, so I am sure that your kiddos will be able to do the same! Get your Pictures taken with our “Navy Seals” at the end of the show as well! Smile

There are only 2 shows a day, so schedule your visits to the Navy Open House:

18 May: 9.30am and 2.30pm
19 May: 10.30am and 2.30pm

Navy show

2) Cruise on a Missile Corvette

Give your family a chance to take a Cruise on a Missile Corvette.  Go on a cruise to Nowhere, as you get a chance to see the Bridge and our Navy in Action out at sea.

missile corvette

navy cruise


navy cannon

This is a real “HOT” experience, and as a result, you will need to ballot for your tickets!

Do join the Singapore Navy’s Facebook Page to get the latest Ticketing Details!

This year, foreign ships are also in town, and visitors will be allowed to go up US vessels. Cool ya!

Navy ships

3) Experience Zone

If you want your kids to experience an M16, this is the place to go!

fire m16

I put the gun on my shoulder, and I let Nathan fire the M16. Each rifle is loaded with ink pellets, and you can aim at the targets set up in the firing range. Nathan obviously loved firing a real gun, and the thrill of seeing the pellets hit the target was definitely exhilarating for him.

firing at Navy open house

Besides the M16s and the GPMGs that were available for the Public to “fire”, Nathan got to be a fireman as well! He got to hold on an actual fire hose, and put on a fireman’s suit as well! Smile


There are also anti-aircraft simulators, as kids get to play a life-sized video game and shoot down enemy aircraft. Exhibits are kids friendly, as they have ready-made stools for the kids to stand on!

missle simulater

Personally, I thought that the opportunity to be a surgeon was the coolest! Visitors get to put on surgical clothes and practise on the life-like dummies that surgeons practise on.

surgeon simulator

I was so glad that Nathan was “game” to become a doctor! Smile Check out all the nice nurses fussing over him, as they put on the surgical “garb” on him.

surgeon kids

kids doctors

doc children

4) Static Display

Children get to go up the tanks and other boats, as they walk around the open grounds.

armour tanks

5) Be a Sailor for the Day

If you have not done this before, get your kids dressed up in the Navy Ceremonial Dress. I thought the kids looked so cute in their outfits.

navy uniform

How to get to the Open House?

Admission is FREE and Free shuttle services are available from Singapore EXPO Hall 3 to the Navy Open House 2013 Fairground between 8am (18 May) or 8.30am (19 May) to 4.30pm. There will also be return shuttle services from the Navy Open House 2013 Fairground back to Singapore EXPO.

Do take Note that you cannot drive to the Naval Base, as entry is by Shuttle Bus Only.

Tips for Visitors

Put on lots of Sun Screen and drink lots of water, as the Naval Base is really Hot on a Sunny Day.

For Parents who are Parking, do NOT park at Singapore Expo. Singapore Expo has ridiculous parking charges, and you are better off parking at alternative venues. Do not Park on the double yellow lanes at the offices as well, as the Parking Aunties are very active here, especially on the weekends!

If in doubt, take the MRT to the Singapore Expo.

Event Details and Timing

18 & 19 May 2013 – 9am to 7pm (Public days)

Venue: Changi Naval Base

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